Member Companies

Vendor ID
2CRSI SA 7754 (1E4A Hex)
3M Company 7584 (1DA0 Hex)
45Drives Ltd. 8068 (1F84 Hex)
4Links Limited 14575 (38EF Hex)
A & D Company, Ltd. 6258 (1872 Hex)
AAEON Electronics, Inc. 5645 (160D Hex)
Aava Mobile Oy 7464 (1D28 Hex)
Abaco Systems Inc. 7570 (1D92 Hex)
ABB AB 5086 (13DE Hex)
ABLIC Inc. 7301 (1C85 Hex)
ACCELECOM LTD. 8032 (1F60 Hex)
Accipiter Systems, Inc. 7950 (1F0E HEX)
Accton Technology Corporation 4371 (1113 Hex)
Accusys Storage LTD. 5334 (14D6 Hex)
Acer Inc. 6372 (18E4 Hex)
Aces Electronics Co., Ltd. 7316 (1C94 Hex)
Achronix Semiconductor 7001 (1B59 Hex)
Acqiris SA 7656 (1DE8 Hex)
Acromag, Inc 7210 (1C2A Hex)
Action Star Technology Co., Ltd. 7650 (1DE2 Hex)
Active Silicon, Ltd. 16723 (4153 Hex)
ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. 7361 (1CC1 Hex)
ADDI-DATA Gmbh 5560 (15B8 Hex)
ADLINK Technology 5194 (144A Hex)
Adnacom Inc. 7836 (1E9C Hex)
ADTEC Corporation 7386 (1CDA Hex)
ADVA Optical Networking SE 44378 (AD5A Hex)
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 4130 (1022 Hex)
Advanet, Inc. 4879 (130F Hex)
Advantech Co., Ltd. 5118 (13FE Hex)
Advantest Corporation 6224 (1850 Hex)
Aerotech Inc 7548 (1D7C Hex)
Aetina Corporation 7414 (1CF6 Hex)
AIC Inc. 7030 (1B76 Hex)
AIM GmbH 5191 (1447 Hex)
AIMOTIVE Kft. 16713 (4149 Hex)
AIO Core Co., Ltd. 8001 (1F41 Hex)
Airbus Defence and Space GmbH 7478 (1D36 Hex)
Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security GmbH 6861 (1ACD Hex)
AJA Video 61904 (F1D0 Hex)
Akrostar Technology Co., Ltd. 7944 (1F08 Hex)
Alacron 4246 (1096 Hex)
Alazar Technologies, Inc. 7179 (1C0B Hex)
Alco Digital Devices Limited 7618 (1DC2 Hex)
Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. 7661 (1DED Hex)
ALLDIS Computersystem GmbH 6985 (1B49 Hex)
Allied Telesis Inc. 4697 (1259 Hex)
Allied Vision Technologies 7428 (1D04 Hex)
Allion Labs, Inc. 6479 (194F Hex)
Alltop Technology Co., Ltd 7527 (1D67 Hex)
Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd. 8045 (1F6D Hex)
Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd. 16708 (4144 Hex)
Alphawave IP 7772 (1E5C Hex)
Alta Data Technologies 44288 (AD00 Hex)
Amazon 7439 (1D0F Hex)
American Megatrends Incorporated 4126 (101E Hex)
AMI US Holdings, Inc. 4126 (101E Hex)
Amlogic (CA) Co., Inc. 7989 (1F35 Hex)
Ampere Computing, LLC 7663 (1DEF Hex)
Amphenol Corp. 6392 (18F8 Hex)
Amulet Hotkey Ltd. 6732 (1A4C Hex)
Analog Bits 7163 (1BFB Hex)
Analog Devices International 4564 (11D4 Hex)
Analogic Corporation 4822 (12D6 Hex)
Analogix Semiconductor 6930 (1B12 Hex)
Angelbird Technologies GmbH 10193 (27D1 Hex)
Anlogic Infotech Co., Ltd 7899 (1EDB Hex)
Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. 4827 (12DB Hex)
Anritsu Corporation 6226 (1852 Hex)
ANSYS, Inc. 6636 (19EC Hex)
Apacer Technology Inc. 7117 (1BCD Hex)
Apple Computer 4203 (106B Hex)
Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin 21844 (5554 Hex)
APTIV 7928 (1EF8 Hex)
ARBOR Technology Corp 6125 (17ED Hex)
Areca Technology Corporation 6099 (17D3 Hex)
Argo AI, LLC 7978 (1F2A Hex)
Arista Networks, Inc. 13429 (3475 Hex)
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. 6817 (1AA1 Hex)
ARKUS Inc. 6787 (1A83 Hex)
ARM Ltd. 5045 (13B5 Hex)
Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG 7703 (1E17 Hex)
ART Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. 7746 (1E42 Hex)
Arteris Inc. 7604 (1DB4 HEX)
Artiza Networks, Inc. 6034 (1792 Hex)
ASPEED Technology Inc. 6659 (1A03 Hex)
ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 7773 (1E5D Hex)
ASSET InterTech, Inc. 7192 (1C18 Hex)
Astek Corporation 6615 (19D7 Hex)
Astera Labs, Inc. 7674 (1DFA Hex)
Astrodesign, Inc. 4543 (11BF Hex)
Astron Technology Corp. 6753 (1A61 Hex)
Astronics Corporation 7120 (1BD0 Hex)
Asustek Computer Inc. 4163 (1043 Hex)
Atech Flash Technology, Inc 7512 (1D58 Hex)
Aten International Co., Ltd. 5941 (1735 Hex)
ATP Electronics, Inc. 7602 (1DB2 Hex)
Atrust Computer Corp. 7133 (1BDD Hex)
AudioScience, Inc. 5980 (175C Hex)