Member Companies

Vendor ID
Promise Technology, Inc. 4186 (105A Hex)
Protech Systems 6613 (19D5 Hex)
Protogate, Inc. 6083 (17C3 Hex)
Pure Storage, Inc. 7424 (1D00 Hex)
QNAP Systems, Inc. 7082 (1BAA Hex)
Qrypt, Inc. 7732 (1E34 Hex)
QSC Audio Products, Inc. 6813 (1A9D Hex)
Qualcomm Inc. 20803 (5143 Hex)
Quanta Computer Inc. 5421 (152D Hex)
Quantum Nebula Microelectronics Technology co.,Ltd. 7860 (1EB4 Hex)
Quarch Technology Ltd 7524 (1D64 Hex)
Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. 7852 (1EAC Hex)
Quixant Plc 6612 (19D4 Hex)
Radian Memory Systems Inc. 7366 (1CC6 Hex)
Ramaxel Technology (Shenzhen) Limited 7364 (1CC4 Hex)
Rambus Inc. 6570 (19AA Hex)
Ratoc Systems Inc. 4501 (1195 Hex)
Raymax Technology Ltd. 7826 (1E92 Hex)
Raytheon Company 4274 (10B2 Hex)
RDC Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 6131 (17F3 Hex)
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation 4332 (10EC Hex)
Recogni Inc. 7858 (1EB2 Hex)
Red Rapids 6098 (17D2 Hex)
Redpine Signals, Inc. 6978 (1B42 HEX)
REJ Co., Ltd. 6496 (1960 Hex)
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited 7838 (1E9E Hex)
Renesas Electronics Corporation 6418 (1912 Hex)
Renishaw PLC 5695 (163F Hex)
RGB Spectrum 7503 (1D4F Hex)
Ricoh Company, Ltd. 4480 (1180 Hex)
Rincon Research Corporation 7542 (1D76 Hex)
Riverbed Technology, Inc. 6958 (1B2E Hex)
RME GmbH 7448 (1D18 Hex)
Rockwell Automation Inc. (Allen-Bradley) 4768 (12A0 Hex)
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg 5679 (162F Hex)
Rohm Co., Ltd. 4315 (10DB Hex)
Roland Corporation 5838 (16CE Hex)
Ross Video 7359 (1CBF Hex)
ROW6, Inc. 7668 (1DF4 Hex)
RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc. 5173 (1435 Hex)
Saab AB 7046 (1B86 Hex)
Sabrent 7868 (1EBC Hex)
SambaNova Systems, Inc. 7693 (1E0D HEX)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 5197 (144D Hex)
Samtec Inc. 6786 (1A82 Hex)
SANBlaze Technology, Inc. 6883 (1AE3 Hex)
Sangoma Technologies Corporation 6435 (1923 Hex)
Sanmina 7363 (1CC3 Hex)
Sanritz Automation Co., Ltd. 4992 (1380 Hex)
Sapphire Technology Limited 7586 (1DA2 Hex)
SAXA, Inc. 5967 (174F Hex)
ScaleFlux Inc. 52307 (CC53 Hex)
ScaleMP 34438 (8686 Hex)
Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. 7214 (1C2E Hex)
Schweitzer Engineering Labs, Inc. 6825 (1AA9 Hex)
SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. 4550 (11C6 Hex)
Seagate Technology LLC 7089 (1BB1 Hex)
SEAKR Engineering Inc. 6669 (1A0D Hex)
Sealevel Systems, Inc. 4958 (135E Hex)
SECO S.P.A. 7148 (1BEC Hex)
Secunet Security Networks AG 7389 (1CDD Hex)
SED Systems 7828 (1E94 Hex)
Seiko Epson Corporation 5355 (14EB Hex)
Senscomm Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7865 (1EB9 Hex)
SerialTek 7348 (1CB4 Hex)
Serica Semiconductor Technology (Beijing) Inc., Ltd. 21330 (5352 Hex)
Shanghai Denglin Technologies Co., Ltd 7719 (1E27 Hex)
Shanghai Enflame Technology Co. Ltd 7734 (1E36 Hex)
Shanghai IC Technology & Industry Promotion Center 7879 (1EC7 Hex)
Shanghai Iluvatar CoreX Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7742 (1E3E Hex)
Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7447 (1D17 Hex)
Shannon Systems 7344 (1CB0 Hex)
Shen Zhen Deren Electronic Co., LTD. 7432 (1D08 Hex)
Shengli Financial Software Development Co.Ltd 32777 (8009 Hex)
Shenzhen Anjieli New Technology Co., Ltd. 7808 (1E80 Hex)
Shenzhen Bitland Information Technology Co., Ltd (*Suspended) 5698 (1642 Hex)
Shenzhen Colorful Yugong Technology and Development Co., Ltd. 29559 (7377 Hex)
Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd 7739 (1E3B Hex)
Shenzhen Decenta Technology Co.,LTD 7691 (1E0B Hex)
Shenzhen Goodtimes Technology Co.,Ltd 7859 (1EB3 Hex)
Shenzhen iNet Mobile Internet Technology Co.,Ltd 7779 (1E63 Hex)
Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. 7575 (1D97 Hex)
Shenzhen Morshow Electronic Co., Ltd. 0755 (02F3 Hex)
Shenzhen Shinning Electronic Co.,Ltd. 7815 (1E87 Hex)
ShenZhen TIGO Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7669 (1DF5 Hex)
Shikino High-Tech Co., Ltd 7223 (1C37 Hex)
Shimadzu Corporation 7281 (1C71 Hex)
SiChuan HuaFeng Enterprise Group Co. Ltd. 7841 (1EA1 Hex)
Siemens AG 4362 (110A Hex)
Sierra Wireless, Inc. 6359 (18D7 Hex)
SiFive, Inc. 61790 (F15E Hex)
Signal Integrity Software, Inc. 7145 (1BE9 Hex)
SignalCore, Inc. 7147 (1BEB Hex)
SIIG, Inc. 4895 (131F Hex)
Silex Technology, Inc. 7118 (1BCE Hex)
SiLicom, Ltd 4980 (1374 Hex)
Silicon Creations, LLC 7700 (1E14 Hex)