As part of its mission, PCI-SIG provides resources to developers seeking product compliance and recognition for successful specification implementations.

Compliance Program Overview
PCI-SIG’s Compliance Program assesses and markets a product’s conformance to the current PCI specifications. While aiding product development, it also aims to minimize interoperability issues in real-world deployment scenarios. This is achieved by creating free workshops during which members can test products against other members’ products as well as PCI-SIG-created test modules.

Complimentary technical support is available to members through every phase of product development and testing. Technical FAQs can also be sourced.

Compliance Program Benefits
The program’s resulting interaction between OEMs, system vendors and add-in card vendors is crucial to the industry effectively and accurately leveraging PCI technology. Simply through participation, members directly impact the market by enabling it to thrive.

First, compliance testing provides members with valuable feedback on product performance that can be used to improve devices before market release. Areas formally tested by PCI-SIG include:

  • Electrical
  • Configuration
  • Link Protocol
  • Transaction Protocol
  • Platform BIOS

Second, members are encouraged to market their achievements through PCI-SIG Integrators List inclusion and public relations activities.

The Integrators List contains member products that pass PCI-SIG’s rigorous tests noted above. Inclusion represents the commitment put forth by members to ensure responsible PCI technology implementations. Inclusion also informs industry buyers that these products are already vetted for quality and reliability. Members can complete and submit the Product Listing Request Form to have compliant products listed.

Members interested in publicizing product compliance through company-driven activities are welcome to source PCI-SIG’s PR team at or 503.619.0649. This team is available to review content and messaging or to provide guidance on general PCI-SIG references across company platforms (e.g., websites, presentations, product collateral, etc.).