Lifetime Contribution Award

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the significant contributions of individuals over the lifespan of the PCI Special Interest Group and PCI-SIG. Individuals nominated by the Board have had a significant impact on PCI, both Parallel and Serial – from PCI Conventional, thru PCI-X, and into PCI Express and everything in between. Technical Engineering Heavy Lifters drove significant development of PCI technologies in specifications and enablement, working in the PCI Workgroups, member company labs, and hotel test rooms around the world. Technical Leadership Heavy Lifters drove adoption, industry acceptance, and synthesis of PCI technologies, serving as some of the initial Board of Directors advancing PCI as a de facto standard and enabling PCI as the industry choice for internal I/O.

2022 Honorees:

Jasmin Anjonvic

Rick Eads

Betty Luk Wesley Shao
Will Atherton Dan Froelich Lee Mohrmann Prashant Sethi
Richard Baek

Steve Glaser

Jeff Morriss Rick Shuckle
Jano Banks Alan Goodrum Tim Mostad Gary Simpson
Ajay Bhatt Bob Gregory Dan Neal Gary Solomon
Dave Carson Dale Gulick Ramin Neshati

Richard Solomon

Gord Caruk

Dave Harriman Manisha Nilange Gerry Talbot
Todd Comins Tim Haslach

Jim Panian

Roger Tipley
Joe Cowan Tom Heil Jim Pappas Mahesh Wagh
Tom Cox Brad Hosler Tony Pierce Clint Walker

Debendra Das Sharma

Dick Kelley Phyllis Rambo Vicki Ward
Michael Diamond Mike Krause Norm Rasmussen Dong Wei
Drew Dutton Sherman Lee Dwight Riley

Al Yanes