Become a Member

PCI-SIG’s newest specification, PCI Express 6.0 is now available to members. With each new specification, PCI-SIG doubles speed, increases performance and supports a range of high performance markets.

  • Read the official PCIe 6.0 press release.
  • Review the membership opportunities below to learn how you can gain access to the new specification and help develop future specifications. 

Membership in PCI-SIG is open to everyone. Membership gives your company access to a variety of services that will help your company get to market quickly with PCI compliant devices. For a $4,000 USD annual fee you are entitled to:

  1. Receive and distribute PCI product and key contact information
  2. Participate in Compliance Workshops (plugfests) to ensure compatibility for your products
  3. Contribute to SIG marketing activities at trade shows, press events, etc.
  4. Involve your company in SIG technical activities such as Developers Conferences
  5. Submit specification revisions and addendum proposals
  6. Participate in specification revisions and addendum proposals
  7. Automatically receive revisions and addenda
  8. Voting Rights to determine the Board of Directors
  9. PCI Technical Support
  10. PCI Support Documentation and Materials
  11. Vendor ID Number Assignment

​To become a member of PCI-SIG, please submit a completed New Member Form along with the $4,000 annual membership fee to PCI-SIG Administration.

If you’re looking to renew your membership please contact PCI-SIG Administration. Alternatively, if you are already a member you will find draft specifications, archived materials, and workgroup details here