Authorized Test Lab Program

The PCI-SIG® is pleased to announce an additional path to Integrators List Testing for our members with the beginning of an Authorized Test Lab program for PCIe 4.0 Compliance Testing. The Authorized Test Lab program will offer members a pathway for testing to compliance against the PCI-SIG specifications, using PCI-SIG approved labs. This program is in addition to the normally scheduled PCI-SIG Compliance Workshops held periodically throughout the year. The schedule of upcoming Compliance Workshops can be found here: This new Authorized Test Lab program will serve the same goal by replicating testing at a Compliance Workshop using the same PCI-SIG approved and MOI listed test equipment to ensure compliance against the PCI-SIG specifications. Further, the Authorized Test Lab will conduct interoperability testing with approved like products to demonstrate this interoperability function. 

Initially the PCI-SIG is working with Granite River Labs as the first PCIe Authorized Test Lab to provide PCIe 4.0 Compliance Testing for PCI-SIG members.. Granite River Labs has been actively supporting the PCI-SIG Compliance program for many years with reoccurring onsite support in the test suites at our Compliance Workshops. Further, they have been active in developing the overall compliance program with their deep involvement in the PCI Serial Enabling Workgroup.

Register a Product for Testing at Granite River Labs:

  • Please complete a Product Registration form here: 
  • Once completed the PCI-SIG will review your submission, approve your product for testing and connect you with Granite River Labs 
    • Once the product has been approved for testing, you will be able to work directly with Granite River Labs regarding the pricing for product testing.  
    • Please reach out to with any questions 
  • Once testing has been completed. PCI-SIG and Granite River Labs will provide additional information about submitting the product to be listed on the Integrators List