Compliance Program

PCI-SIG Compliance Workshops host interoperability and compliance tests. Interoperability tests enable members to test their products against other members’ products. Compliance tests allow for product testing against PCI-SIG test modules.

Both testing types issue “pass” or “fail” results for each test area examined. To formally label products as compliant, they must score a minimum of 80 percent on interoperability tests and pass all required compliance tests.

Tested Specifications
Interoperability and compliance tests focus on the latest PCI specifications, specifically:

  • PCI Express 5.0
  • PCI Express 4.0
  • PCI Express U.2®/SFF-8639/ (8 GT/s)
  • PCI Express M.2™ (8 GT/s) (Preliminary FYI Only)​

Test Areas
PCI Express compliance testing includes:

  • Electrical Testing - Examines platform and add-in card Transmitter and Receiver characteristics
  • Configuration Testing - Examines configuration space in PCIe devices
  • Link Protocol Testing - Examines device’s link-level protocol behavior
  • Transaction Protocol Testing - Examines devices transaction-level protocol behavior

Corresponding Test Guides by specification version can be downloaded here. These downloadable guides include test descriptions, test specifications, procedural guidelines and required tools.