PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #116

PCI-SIG Virtual Compliance Workshop #116

Please note that more than ever, capacity is limited and registration is first-come, first-served so do not delay! 

  • Member Online Registration – Registration is Now Open!
    • ​Reschedule Dates: April 19 – 30, 2021
    • Please note that  Add-In Card Registrations are currently being waitlisted. We are working to expand capacity for this workshop and hope to be able to accept additional registrations off of the waitlist. Registrations will be removed from the waitlist in the order that they are received. Please register at this time to ensure your spot on the waitlist. We will follow up no later than the week of March 22nd regarding your registration status for this workshop.
  • Location: PCI-SIG Headquarters (Beaverton, OR)
  • Please review the PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #116 Invitation and the Terms of Participation
  • For additional instructions on how to register and what to bring, please read the Registration Details & Policies

Important Logistics:

  • Devices must be shipped to PCI-SIG Headquarters..
    • Please do not ship products to PCI-SIG until you receive specific instructions from PCI-SIG Administration. Once instructed, products must arrive at PCI-SIG (3855 SW 153rd Drive, Beaverton, OR 97003) by Friday, April 9th
    • Registrants are responsible for shipping costs and labels to and from PCI-SIG headquarters. Please provide a printed copy of the return shipment label in your initial shipment.​ For an example of a return shipment label, please see the photo here.
    • Please include a printed copy of any specific instructions your product may have for testing with any specific Test Equipment vendors.
  • Testing will take place over the weeks of April 19th and April 26th and provisions are being made for optional video conference “attendance” at your product’s test sessions.  Remote network access will be provided with the goal of enabling “best effort” remote access to devices being tested, but we will not be able to guarantee accessibility, and testing time slots must be strictly enforced. 
    • Test schedules will be emailed to you prior to the first week of testing.
  • Outline of Event Schedule
    • Schedule for first week (April 19-23) will entail product evaluation and preparation, Configuration (PCIeCV) testing, Link Transaction, De-Emphasis and Interoperability testing
    • Second week (April 26-30) will cover all electrical testing (LEQ, TX and PLL)
  • Please ensure all adapters for your product are provided and that your product will connect on US 110V AC (US Standard Power). Additionally, adapters to ensure your product may be tested as CEM (or U.2) must be included in your product shipment.
  • Only one copy of the Device Under Test will be taken to each testing suite, separate devices for specific tests will not be allowed. Please note that duplicate/backup copies are allowed and encouraged.
  • At this virtual workshop, no re-testing or additional debugging outside of your scheduled test sessions will be available. It is advised that you perform as much pretesting at your facility to facilitate smooth Integrators list testing at this event.

Testing at Compliance Workshop #116 Includes:
PCI Express 4.0
PCI Express 3.0
PCI Express U.2®/SFF-8639/ (8 GT/s)

REGISTER EARLY: In case registration exceeds our testing capacities, we have established a reasonable cap for each product type and revision. If these caps are reached during online registration, we will put any additional products on a waiting list. Products will be moved from the waiting list to full registration if possible, based on the order of their attempted pre-registration and will be notified the week after the registration deadline of Thursday, March 18, 2021.

COST: Participation in this Members Only event is free. Please note that your credit card information will be collected for product registration(s); however, you will not be charged unless you do not ship your product to the event or your product registration is not canceled by 5pm PT on Thursday, March 18, 2021. 

Advantages Offered to Members:
The virtual event provides the testing benefits to analyze and fix any problems with your components. Interaction with the testing Engineers will be provided using videoconferencing.

Notes for Review:

  • Please review the Terms of Participation prior to attendance. These Terms of Participation will govern your activities during the Test Event, including your obligations to keep certain information confidential.
    • For PCIe 4.0 testing, please find the Active Revision in the folder here: https://members.pcisig.com/wg/PCI-SIG/document/13249.
    • For PCIe 3.0 testing, PCIECV version is now the official version of configuration test software used in performing testing in the Configuration test suites. Note also that the following new Test Platform has been approved for PCIECV testing in the Configuration test suites:
      •           Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 Haswell 1.9GHz LGA 2011-3 85W Server Processor BX80644E52609V3
                  Motherboard: SUPERMICRO MDB-X10SRI-F LGA 2011 R3 Intel C612 Chipset Server Motherboard
                  BIOS: version 3.0a. O/S: Windows 7 Pro 32 bit or Windows 10 32 bit ONLY
  • Onsite product registration is not available so you MUST register your product prior to the registration cut-off date. Your testing schedule will be created based off of the information you provide for your registered product, so please be sure that any changes to your product’s information are completed prior to the registration deadline. No product detail changes may be made after registration has closed..
  • All tests associated with a product being added to the Integrators List must be performed at a single workshop.
  • A URL will be provided along with login information where testers may view their test results and download a soft copy PDF after the workshop. These results are only available until the next scheduled workshop.

For additional information or questions about this event, or if you are interested in Sponsor Opportunities, please send us an email at compliance@pcisig.com.