Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Vendor ID
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. 7626 (1DCA Hex)
Marvin Test Solutions, Inc. 5858 (16E2 Hex)
Matrix Vision GmbH 19798 (4D56 Hex)
Matrox Graphics Inc. 4139 (102B Hex)
Maxio Technology(Hangzhou)Co.,Ltd. 7755 (1E4B HEX)
MaxLinear Inc 7747 (1E43 Hex)
McDowell Signal Processing, LLC 7632 (1DD0 Hex)
Media Links Co., LTD. 6818 (1AA2 Hex)
MediaTek Incorporation 5315 (14C3 Hex)
MEDION AG 7737 (1E39 Hex)
Mega Electronics Co., Ltd. 8083 (1F93 Hex)
Meidensha Corporation 4256 (10A0 Hex)
Meinberg Funkuhren GmbH & Co. KG 4960 (1360 Hex)
Melec Inc. 5422 (152E Hex)
MemryX Corp 8169 (1FE9 Hex)
Meritech Co., Ltd. 8123 (1FBB Hex)
MetaX Integrated Circuits (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 39321 (9999 Hex)
Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. 5218 (1462 Hex)
Microchip Technology 4600 (11F8 Hex)
Micron Technology, Inc. 4932 (1344 Hex)
Microsoft 5140 (1414 Hex)
Microtechnica Co., Ltd. 19796 (4D54 Hex)
MIS Corporation 4898 (1322 Hex)
Missing Link Electronics, Inc. 8923 (22DB Hex)
MIT Lincoln Laboratory 7599 (1DAF Hex)
MiTAC International Corporation 4209 (1071 Hex)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 4282 (10BA Hex)
Mitutoyo Corporation 5447 (1547 Hex)
Mitwell.Inc 8154 (1FDA Hex)
Mobiveil, Inc. 7308 (1C8C Hex)
Moffett AI Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd 7990 (1F36 Hex)
Molex LLC 4306 (10D2 Hex)
Monolithic Power Systems 8101 (1FA5 Hex)
Montage Technology Co., Ltd. 6912 (1B00 Hex)
Moore Threads Technology Co.,Ltd 7893 (1ED5 HEX)
MOVE.B 71004 (1155C Hex)
MPL AG 6374 (18E6 Hex) 7897 (1ED9 Hex)
Naltec, Inc. 7420 (1CFC Hex)
Nanjing Lisuan Technology Co., Ltd. 19540 (4C54 Hex)
Nanjing Magewell Electronics Co., Ltd. 7383 (1CD7 Hex)
Nanoteq (Pty) Ltd 7055 (1B8F Hex)
Napatech AS 6388 (18F4 Hex)
National Instruments Corporation 4243 (1093 Hex)
Nations Technologies Inc. 6990 (1B4E Hex)
nCipher Security Ltd 7867 (1EBB Hex)
Nebula Matrix 7951 (1F0F Hex)
Nebulon Inc 20203 (4EEB Hex)
NEC 7119 (1BCF Hex)
Neoconix 7834 (1E9A Hex)
Neosem Holdings Inc 7557 (1D85 Hex)
Netac Technology Co.,Ltd 8000 (1F40 Hex)
NetApp, Inc. 4725 (1275 Hex)
NETINT Technologies Inc. 7554 (1D82 Hex)
Netlist, Inc. 7195 (1C1B Hex)
Netronome 6638 (19EE Hex)
Neubla Corporation 8097 (1FA1 Hex)
Neuchips Inc. 8153 (1FD9 Hex)
NeuReality LTD 8009 (1F49 Hex)
NeuroBlade 7795 (1E73 Hex)
New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. 6461 (193D Hex)
New Wave Design and Verification, LLC 44304 (AD10 Hex)
Newtech Co., Ltd. 7844 (1EA4 Hex)
Nexark, Inc DBA Sabrent 7868 (1EBC Hex)
Nexcom International 6451 (1933 Hex)
NEXTCHIP Co,Ltd 6919 (1B07 Hex)
Nextorage Corporation 7985 (1F31 Hex)
NextSilicon Ltd 52730 (CDFA Hex)
NEXTY Electronics Corporation 8070 (1F86 Hex)
Nexus Technology, Inc. 4575 (11DF Hex)
Nikon Corporation 7090 (1BB2 Hex)
Nintendo Co., Ltd. 4833 (12E1 Hex)
Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy 5048 (13B8 Hex)
Northrop Grumman Corp., Electronic Systems 6924 (1B0C Hex)
Not for Radio, LLC 0546 (0222 Hex)
Novachips Co., Ltd 7357 (1CBD Hex)
Novatek Microelectronics Corporation 7689 (1E09 Hex)
NSITEXE, Inc. 7682 (1E02 Hex)
NSW Inc. 5702 (1646 Hex)
NTP Technology AS 7850 (1EAA Hex)
NTT Innovative Devices Corporation 4772 (12A4 Hex)
Nubis Communications, Inc. 7947 (1F0B Hex)
Nutanix, Inc. 20056 (4E58 Hex)
Nuvoton Technology Israel 4176 (1050 Hex)
nVent, Schroff GmbH 6152 (1808 Hex)
NVidia Corporation 4318 (10DE Hex)
NXP Semiconductors 4401 (1131 Hex)
Octasic Inc. 5832 (16C8 Hex)
OKB SAPR 6037 (1795 Hex)
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. 4129 (1021 Hex)
Olympus Corporation 4720 (1270 Hex)
OLZETEK 0302 (012E Hex)
Omron Corporation 4299 (10CB Hex)
OMS Motion, Inc. 5644 (160C Hex)
One Stop Systems, Inc. 6484 (1954 Hex)
OnLogic, Inc. 7683 (1E03 Hex)
Open Text Corporation 7129 (1BD9 Hex) 7671 (1DF7 Hex)
Openedges technology, Inc. 8170 (1FEA Hex)
Opex Corporation 6398 (18FE Hex)