Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Vendor ID
ICube Co.Ltd. 8112 (1FB0 Hex)
iD corporation 6995 (1B53 Hex)
IEI Integration Corp. 6156 (180C Hex)
Illumina 7325 (1C9D Hex)
Inagile Electronic Technology Co., LTD 8185 (1FF9 Hex)
Infineon Technologies AG 5585 (15D1 Hex)
infodas GmbH 7898 (1EDA Hex)
Initio (HK) Corporation Limited 7965 (1F1D Hex)
InnoDisk Corporation 7104 (1BC0 Hex)
Innosilicon Technology Ltd 7880 (1EC8 Hex)
Innotech Corporation 7419 (1CFB Hex)
InnoVision Multimedia, Ltd. 6001 (1771 Hex)
Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. 7124 (1BD4 Hex)
Integrated Design Tools, Inc. 7501 (1D4D Hex)
Intel Corporation 32902 (8086 Hex)
Intelligent Memory Limited 8225 (2021 Hex)
Interface Concept 5945 (1739 Hex)
International Game Technology 6766 (1A6E Hex)
Introspect Technology 7698 (1E12 Hex)
INUITIVE LTD. 30024 (7548 Hex)
Inventec Corporation 4464 (1170 Hex)
iodyne 21331 (5353 Hex)
IOI Technology Corporation 5446 (1546 Hex)
IP3 Tech (HK) Limited 7760 (1E50 Hex)
iPasslabs Technology Co. Ltd. 7940 (1F04 Hex)
IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG 6800 (1A90 Hex)
IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd 7786 (1E6A Hex)
ITE Tech. Inc. 4739 (1283 Hex)
ITTIM Technology Limited 2888 (0B48 Hex)
IXI Technology 23223 (5AB7 Hex)
J-Squared Technologies Inc. 8074 (1F8A Hex)
Jabil Circuit Inc. 4307 (10D3 Hex)
JAE 6167 (1817 Hex)
Jane Street Group, LLC 8050 (1F72 Hex)
Jiangsu Huacun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 7807 (1E7F Hex)
Jiangsu Viscore Technologies Co.,Ltd 7916 (1EEC Hex)
Jiangsu Xinsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 7784 (1E68 Hex)
Jiangsu Yunyong Electronics and Technology Co., Ltd. 22873 (5959 Hex)
Jiedao (Shanghai) System Integration Co., Ltd. 53265 (D011 Hex)
JMicron Technology Corporation 6523 (197B Hex)
Jump Trading Group 7269 (1C65 Hex)
Juniper Networks 4868 (1304 Hex)
K.K. Rocky 6322 (18B2 Hex)
KALRAY 7462 (1D26 Hex)
Kandou Bus S.A. 7791 (1E6F Hex)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. 5025 (13A1 Hex)
KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH 52922 (CEBA Hex)
KEL Corporation 6719 (1A3F Hex)
Key ASIC Berhad 6843 (1ABB Hex)
Keyence Corporation 6954 (1B2A Hex)
Keysight Technologies 5564 (15BC Hex)
Kinara Inc. 7768 (1E58 Hex)
Kingsignal Technology Co., Ltd. 8108 (1FAC Hex)
Kingston Technology Company 9798 (2646 Hex)
Kioxia Corporation 7695 (1E0F Hex)
KLA-Tencor 7098 (1BBA Hex)
Knowledge Development for Rugged Optical Communications (KDROC) 8105 (1FA9 Hex)
Kontron 4185 (1059 Hex)
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. 8158 (1FDE Hex)
Kvaser AB 6663 (1A07 Hex)
Kyocera Corporation 6291 (1893 Hex)
L3Harris Technologies, Inc. 5944 (1738 Hex)
Laird Connectivity, LLC 7537 (1D71 Hex)
Lantronix, Inc. 8091 (1F9B Hex)
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 4612 (1204 Hex)
Leadtek Research Inc. 4221 (107D Hex)
LeapIO Tech Inc. 54277 (D405 Hex)
Leica Camera AG 8052 (1F74 Hex)
Lenovo 6058 (17AA Hex)
LeRain Technology Co., Ltd 8016 (1F50 Hex)
LG Electronics 6228 (1854 Hex)
LIBERTRON Co., Ltd. 7721 (1E29 Hex)
Lightelligence, Inc. 1550 (060E Hex)
Lightmatter 7882 (1ECA Hex)
Linaro Limited 7743 (1E3F Hex)
LinkData Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD 8178 (1FF2 Hex)
Linkreal Co., Ltd. 19538 (4C52 Hex)
Lintes Technology Co., Ltd. 7444 (1D14 Hex)
Liqid Inc 7629 (1DCD Hex)
Liquid-Markets GmbH 19533 (4C4D Hex)
Listan GmbH 7955 (1F13 Hex)
Lite-On Technology Corporation 5284 (14A4 Hex)
Lockheed Martin 6020 (1784 Hex)
Logic Fruit Technologies Pvt Ltd 7613 (1DBD Hex)
Loongson Technology Corporation Limited 0020 (0014 Hex)
LOTES Co., Ltd 6272 (1880 Hex)
LUXSHARE-ICT, Inc. 7135 (1BDF Hex)
Lynx Software Technologies, Inc. 7339 (1CAB Hex)
Lynxi Technologies Ltd., Co. 7839 (1E9F Hex)
M31 Technology Corporation 7463 (1D27 Hex)
Macnica, Inc. 6422 (1916 Hex)
MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. 7566 (Hex 1D8E)
Macronix International Co., Ltd. 9015 (2337 Hex)
Magic Leap, Inc 7781 (1E65 Hex)
MangoBoost Inc. 8018 (1F52 Hex)
Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. 4986 (137A Hex)