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Celebrating 20 Years of the PCI Express® Specification

In this webinar, a panel featuring PCI-SIG Board members and workgroup chairs will discuss the past, present and future of the PCIe specification, including the impacts of PCIe technology in the industry and the new and emerging markets that will benefit most from PCIe technology. Panelists will also cover the expansion of the PCI-SIG Compliance Program, the transition from NRZ to PAM4 signaling, and the future of PCIe technology as we prepare for the PCIe 7.0 specification in 2025.

PCIe Technology in Storage

In this video, PCI-SIG Member Matt Burns of Samtec discusses how PCIe technology is used in storage applications to provide direct access to the host memory bus, increase bandwidth, incorporate the host controller functionality directly into the storage device and more.

PCIe Technology in Networking

In this video, PCI-SIG Member Eric Shen of iPasslabs discusses how PCIe technology is used in networking applications, including utilizing PCIe technology alongside ethernet to provide higher data rates in data center and server applications.

PCIe Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

PCI-SIG Member Matt Burns of Samtec discusses the unique advantages that PCIe technology applies to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hardware solutions, including scaling system architectures quickly and doubling the data rate with each PCIe specification.

Exploring the Technical Differences Between PCI Express® Specification Revisions

A panel of industry experts from PCI-SIG member companies will discuss the technical differences between the PCIe specifications – from PCIe 3.0 specification (8 GT/s) to PCIe 7.0 specification (128 GT/s).

PCI-SIG Membership Overview

PCI-SIG Marketing Work Group Co-Chairs Mihaela Erler and Scott Knowlton discuss the member benefits of joining PCI-SIG. 

PCI-SIG Overview

PCI-SIG Vice President and Developer Conference Chair Richard Solomon discusses the PCI-SIG organization.