In the News

Following is select media coverage of PCI-SIG technology and activities:

Bit-Tech (October 16, 2019) PCI-SIG Says PCIe 6.0 is On-Track, Releases v0.3 Spec

PC Gamer (October 16, 2019) A Faster PCI Express 6.0 Specification is On Track for 2021

AnandTech (October 15, 2019) PCIe 6.0 Dev Reaches v0.3; On-Track for a Full Specification in 2021

TweakTown (October 15, 2019) PCI Express 6.0 Spec Reaches Rev 0.3, Final Due in 2021, Up to 256GB/s

Tom’s Hardware (October 15, 2019) PCIe 6.0 Specification to be Released by 2021

Engadget (June 9, 2017): PCIe 4.0 will be twice as fast as today's slots

Tom’s Hardware (June 8, 2017): PCIe 5.0 To Be Finalized In 2019; PCI-SIG Fast Tracks Final Spec

EE Times (June 7, 2017): PCI Express Preps Shift to 32G

PC Mag (August 19, 2016): PCIe 4.0 Will Arrive in 2017

C’t Magazine (August 18, 2016): IDF: PCIe 4.0 runs, PCIe 5.0 in work

IHS Technology (July 19, 2016) PCI-SIG DevCon 2016: PCIe 4.0 Accelerating Data Center and Cloud Performance

My Navi News (July 5, 2016) Revision 1.0 of the PCI Express Gen4 is expected in the first quarter of 2017 - PCI-SIG Developer Conference 2016

EE Times (June 28, 2016) PCIe 4.0 Heads to Fab, 5.0 to Lab

RTC Magazine (December 2015) PCI Express Technology Features Low Power and New Form Factors for Mobile and IoT Advances

Electronic Design (December 30, 2015) Lowdown on the Latest PCI Updates

My Navi Japan (October 14, 2015) PCI-SIG Developers Conference is in Tokyo held - the development of PCIe Gen4 Steady progress (Roughly translated from Japanese)

PC World (June 23, 2015) The Holy Grail of notebook PCs, external graphics, is coming soon via Oculink

EE Times (June 23, 2015) PCIe 16G May Take Until 2017

EDN (July 1, 2015) PCIe Update: Power, IoT, storage, OCuLink, simulation, and equalization

RTC Magazine (December 1, 2014) PCI Express Developing New Features Even as it Heads for a New Generation

Demartek (September 24, 2014) Demartek Comments on IDF2014 and NVMe Thunderbolt 2 USB 3.1 and PCIe 4.0 (September 18, 2014) IDF Shows Next Steps in Hardware

EDN (September 15, 2014) 10 Things I Saw at IDF 2014

The Register (June 11, 2014) PCIe eyes the Internet of (the next big) Things

CNET (June 5, 2014) Double-speed next-gen version cements PCIe computing power

EE Times (June 4, 2014) PCIe Preps for Internet of Things

PC World (June 4, 2014) PCI backers push low-power features with an eye on Internet of Things

PC Magazine (September 18, 2013) Twice as Fast: New Standards Push System Performance

The Register (September 13, 2013) The future of PCIe: Get small speed up think outside the box

EE Times (July 15, 2013) Mobile Interconnect Standards on the Move

EDN (July 15, 2013) M-PCIe Goin’ mobile!

EE Times (July 2, 2013) PCIe at a Crossroads

PCPOP (June 30, 2013) Optimize the mobile platform PCI-SIG released M-PCIe specification (Roughly translated from Chinese)

Hardcore Network (June 29, 2013) PCI Express 3.1,4.0 surfaced new bus specification (Roughly translated from Chinese)

Tom’s Hardware (June 28, 2013) PCIe for Mobile Launched; PCIe 3.1 4.0 Specs Revealed

X-bit Labs (June 27, 2013) PCI-SIG Begins Development of Mobile PCI Express Specification for New Breeds of Devices.

EE Times (June 26, 2013) Slideshow: PCIe takes on mobile Thunderbolt more

EE Catalog (June 25, 2013) PCI-SIG “nificant” Changes Brewing in Mobile

M&E Tech (June 25, 2013) PCI-SIG Releases Latest Updates Mobile PCIe

My Navi Japan(July 16, 2012) PCI-SIG: OCuLink Description NGFF progress and the PCIe Gen4 (Roughly translated from Japanese)

Forbes (July 14, 2012) Good Connections: PCIe Moves Towards Interface Domination

Tom’s Hardware (July 12, 2012) PCI-SIG Talks PCIe 4.0 at Its Developers Conference

VRZone (July 12, 2012) PCI Local Bus Turns 20 PCI-Express 10 PCI-SIG Looks Ahead

Nordic Hardware (July 12, 2012) PCI-SIG celebrates 20 years with coming PCI Express 4.0 and OCuLink

Softpedia (July 12, 2012) PCI Celebrates 20th Anniversary Talks PCIe 4.0 and OCuLink Cables (July 11, 2012) PCI-SIG Confirms Development of OCuLink External Interconnection Link with 32Gb/s Bandwidth.

EDN Network (July 2, 2012) Happy birthday PCI-SIG… and PCIe power management debug

SemiAccurate (September 13, 2011) SATA to move to PCI Express: New standard will support

The Register (September 15, 2011) PCI recast for supercomputing future

SemiAccurate (September 15, 2011) PCI Express is on a quest for speed 

Tom’s Hardware (June 28, 2011) PCIe 3.0 is Here; PCIe 4.0 Already in the Works

PC World (June 27, 2011) PCI Building Thinner Interconnect for Handheld Devices

TweakTown (June 25, 2011) PCI-SIG reveals plans for external PCIe cable standard (June 24, 2011) PCI Express 4 in the Works: Set to Achieve 16Gb/s per lane

News by Afterdawn (June 24, 2011) PCI Express 4.0 to double throughput to 16 GT/s

Maximum PC (June 24, 2011) PCI Express Developing Blazing-Fast External Standard

Tech Spot (June 24, 2011) PCISIG proposes external PCIe cable standard TechSpot News

ZDNet (June 24, 2011) Look out Thunderbolt: External PCI Express spec being developed

Guru of 3D (June 24, 2011) PCI Express 4.0 to offer double the performance

AGYAAN (June 24, 2011) PCI Express Cables will do 32Gbps in 2013

PC Perspective (June 23, 2011) Super Fast PCI Express Cable Capable of 32 Gbps Announced By The PCI SIG (June 23, 2011) 32Gbps PCI Express Cables Under Development

Extreme Tech (June 23, 2011) External PCI Express Offers Cheaper Thinner Faster Thunderbolt Alternative

Legit Reviews (June 23, 2011) PCI Express 32 Gbit/s To Challenge Intel Thunderbolt

Ubergizmo (June 23, 2011) PCI Express group working on 32Gbps Thunderbolt rival

The Tech Report (June 23, 2011) PCI-SIG to concoct an alternative to Thunderbolt

Test & Measurement World (June 23, 2011) PCIe Gen 4 on the drawing "board"

CDRInfo (June 23, 2011) PCI Special Interest Group Discusses PCIe 4 32 Gbps Interconnection Cable

Softpedia (June 23, 2011) PCI SIG Works on Rival for Intel's Thunderbolt Interconnect

EE Times (June 23, 2011) PCI Express poised for 2x upgrade

TechGeer (June 23, 2011) PCI Express group working on 32Gbps Thunderbolt rival

EE Times (June 22, 2011) PCI Express takes on Thunderbolt (June 22, 2011) PCI Express Group Proposes External PCIe Cable Standard.

Electronista (June 22, 2011) PCI Express group crafting 32Gbps rival to Thunderbolt

Engadget (June 22, 2011) PCI Express cables could take us to 32Gbps speeds by 2013