Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Name Vendor ID
TRS-RenTelco 7268 (1C64 Hex)
Beijing Memblaze Technology Co. Ltd. 7263 (1C5F Hex)
GopherTec Inc. 7262 (1C5E Hex)
Telit Communications SPA 7261 (1C5D Hex)
XJTAG Ltd. 7259 (1C5B Hex)
Hexagon Metrology S.P.A. 7253 (1C55 Hex)
BizLink Technology, Inc. 7248 (7248 Hex)
Bruker Corporation 7247 (1C4F Hex)
Techway 7246 (1C4E Hex)
Shikino High-Tech Co., Ltd 7223 (1C37 Hex)
Daktronics, Inc. 7219 (1C33 Hex)
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG 7215 (1C2F Hex)
Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. 7214 (1C2E Hex)
Acromag, Inc 7210 (1C2A Hex)
Elma Electronic Inc 7204 (1C24 Hex)
Netlist, Inc. 7195 (1C1B Hex)
ASSET InterTech, Inc. 7192 (1C18 Hex)
Alazar Technologies, Inc. 7179 (1C0B Hex)
Blackberry QNX 7173 (1C05 Hex)
Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 7168 (1C00 Hex)
duagon AG 7164 (1BFC Hex)
Analog Bits 7163 (1BFB Hex)
Daiichi Jitsugyo Viswill Co., Ltd 7162 (1BFA Hex)
Greenliant 7157 (1BF5 Hex)
HMS Technology Center GmbH 7150 (1BEE Hex)
SECO S.P.A. 7148 (1BEC Hex)
SignalCore, Inc. 7147 (1BEB Hex)
The MathWorks, Inc. 7145 (1BE9 Hex)
LUXSHARE-ICT, Inc. 7135 (1BDF Hex)
Atrust Computer Corp. 7133 (1BDD Hex)
Open Text Corporation 7129 (1BD9 Hex)
Granite River Labs Inc. 7127 (1BD7 Hex)
The FreeBSD Foundation 7125 (1BD5 Hex)
IEIT SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. 7124 (1BD4 Hex)
Astronics Corporation 7120 (1BD0 Hex)
NEC 7119 (1BCF Hex)
Silex Technology, Inc. 7118 (1BCE Hex)
Apacer Technology Inc. 7117 (1BCD Hex)
Star Communications, Inc. 7114 (1BCA Hex)
Sonifex Ltd 7113 (1BC9 Hex)
EXFO Inc. 7105 (1BC1 Hex)
InnoDisk Corporation 7104 (1BC0 Hex)
MOVE.B 71004 (1155C Hex)
UL Solutions 71001 (11559 Hex)
KLA-Tencor 7098 (1BBA Hex)
The Nielsen Company 7094 (1BB6 Hex)
Nikon Corporation 7090 (1BB2 Hex)
Seagate Technology LLC 7089 (1BB1 Hex)
REFLEX CES 7085 (1BAD Hex)
BAE Systems 7071 (1B9F Hex)
E.E.P.D. GmbH 7064 (1B98 Hex)
Western Digital Technologies, Inc. 7062 (1B96 Hex)
Green Hills Software 7061 (1B95 Hex)
Nanoteq (Pty) Ltd 7055 (1B8F Hex)
Saab AB 7046 (1B86 Hex)
Viasat Inc. 7043 (1B83 Hex)
AIC Inc. 7030 (1B76 Hex)
Etron Technology, Inc. 7023 (1B6F Hex)
Deltatec 7014 (1B66 Hex)
Byd Precision Manufacture Co.,Ltd 7009 (1B61 Hex)
Star-Dundee Ltd. 7006 (1B5E Hex)
Achronix Semiconductor 7001 (1B59 Hex)
iD corporation 6995 (1B53 Hex)
Nations Technologies Inc. 6990 (1B4E Hex)
Galaxy Microsystems Ltd. 6988 (1B4C Hex)
ALLDIS Computersystem GmbH 6985 (1B49 Hex) Ltd. 6981 (1B45 Hex)
Ceremorphic, Inc 6978 (1B42 HEX)
Teledyne SP Devices 6967 (1B37 Hex)
Riverbed Technology, Inc. 6958 (1B2E Hex)
Keyence Corporation 6954 (1B2A Hex)
Analogix Semiconductor 6930 (1B12 Hex)
Northrop Grumman Corp., Electronic Systems 6924 (1B0C Hex)
Pegatron Corporation 6922 (1B0A Hex)
Avnet Embedded GmbH 6920 (1B08 Hex)
NEXTCHIP Co,Ltd 6919 (1B07 Hex)
Benchmark Electronics, Inc. 6917 (1B05 Hex)
Montage Technology Co., Ltd. 6912 (1B00 Hex)
Parade Technologies, Inc. 6904 (1AF8 Hex)
Basler AG 6888 (1AE8 Hex)
Google, Inc. 6880 (1AE0 Hex)
Hensoldt Sensors GmbH 6861 (1ACD Hex)
Avalue Technology Inc. 6850 (1AC2 Hex)
Parallels International GmbH 6840 (1AB8 Hex)
The Boeing Company 6837 (1AB5 Hex)
Sequans Communications 6833 (1AB1 Hex)
IBASE Technology Inc. 6828 (1AAC Hex)
Furukawa ElectricCo., Ltd. 6826 (1AAA Hex)
Schweitzer Engineering Labs, Inc. 6825 (1AA9 Hex)
Media Links Co., LTD. 6818 (1AA2 Hex)
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. 6817 (1AA1 Hex)
QSC LLC 6813 (1A9D Hex)
Star Bridge, Inc. 6794 (1A8A Hex)
Gopher Inc. 6787 (1A83 Hex)
Samtec 6786 (1A82 Hex)
International Game Technology 6766 (1A6E Hex)
Astron Connectivity Co., Ltd. 6753 (1A61 Hex)
Amulet Hotkey Ltd. 6732 (1A4C Hex)
Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd. 6723 (1A43 Hex)
KEL Corporation 6719 (1A3F Hex)