Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Vendor ID
Communication Automation Corporation 7654 (1DE6 Hex)
Compal Electronics, Inc. 5312 (14C0 Hex)
Comtel Electronics GmbH 7273 (1C69 Hex)
congatec GmbH 6703 (1A2F Hex)
Connect Tech Inc. 4804 (12C4 Hex)
CONNPRO ind. 8065 (1F81 Hex)
Contec Co., Ltd. 4641 (1221 Hex)
Continental Autonomous Mobility Germany GmbH 7752 (1E48 Hex)
CoreComm Technology Co., Ltd. 8265 (2049 Hex)
Corigine Inc. 7592 (1DA8 Hex)
Cornami, Inc. 7818 (1E8A Hex)
Cornelis Networks, Inc. 17230 (434E Hex)
Corsair Memory, Inc 7418 (1CFA Hex)
CPI Technologies, Inc. 4972 (136C Hex)
Creative Technology Ltd 4354 (1102 Hex)
Credo Semiconductor, Inc. 7715 (1E23 Hex)
Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions 52460 (CCEC Hex)
Cyan Semiconductor Co.Ltd. 8203 (200B Hex)
d-Matrix Corporation 8066 (1F82 Hex)
Daichu Technologies Co.,Ltd. 7805 (1E7D Hex)
DAIHEN Corporation 6635 (19EB Hex)
Daiichi Jitsugyo Viswill Co., Ltd 7162 (1BFA Hex)
Daktronics, Inc. 7219 (1C33 Hex)
Dap Holding B.V. 6474 (194A Hex)
DapuStor Corporation 7739 (1E3B Hex)
DataDirect Networks, Inc. 7706 (1E1A Hex)
Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. (*Suspended) 7352 (1CB8 Hex)
DEEPX Co., Ltd. 8180 (1FF4 Hex)
DeGirum Corporation 7949 (1F0D Hex)
DekTec Digital Video B.V. 6670 (1A0E Hex)
Delkin Devices 7731 (1E33 Hex)
Dell Computer Corporation 4136 (1028 Hex)
Delphi Engineering Group, Inc. 7666 (1DF2 Hex)
Delta Electronics, Inc. 6661 (1A05 Hex)
Deltatec 7014 (1B66 Hex)
Densan Co., Ltd. 4498 (1192 Hex)
DENSO Corporation 8191 (1FFF Hex)
Dera co., Ltd. 7544 (1D78 Hex)
Dexerials Corporation 8257 (2041 Hex)
DFI Inc. 5565 (15BD Hex)
Digigram 4969 (1369 Hex)
Digital Devices 56577 (DD01 Hex)
Digital Media Professionals, Inc. 6397 (18FD Hex)
Diodes Incorporated 4824 (12D8 Hex)
DMG MORI Digital Co., LTD. 4509 (119D Hex)
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions AS 4552 (11C8 Hex)
Dongguan Yizhao Electronic Co.,Ltd. 7810 (1E82 Hex)
Douyin Vision Co., Ltd. 7827 (1E93 Hex)
DreamBig Semiconductor Inc 7902 (1EDE Hex)
dSPACE GmbH 17491 (4453 Hex)
duagon AG 7164 (1BFC Hex)
Dynabook Inc. 12544 (3100 Hex)
DynamicSignals, LLC 4503 (1197 Hex)
E-Semi Electronics CO., LTD. 8222 (201E Hex)
E.E.P.D. GmbH 7064 (1B98 Hex)
EBRAINS, INC. 6012 (177C Hex)
EDEC Linsey System Co., Ltd. 5160 (1428 Hex)
EdgeCortix Corporation 8156 (1FDC Hex)
EdgeQ, Inc. 7886 (1ECE Hex)
Efinix, Inc. 8058 (1F7A Hex)
Eidetic Communications Inc 7653 (1DE5 Hex)
eInfochips, Inc. 6173 (181D Hex)
EIZO Rugged Solutions 4647 (1227 Hex)
EKF Elektronik GmbH 58559 (E4BF Hex)
ELECOM CO LTD 5049 (13B9 Hex)
Electric Connector Technology Co., Ltd. 8238 (202E Hex)
Electronic Data Integration Co 8220 (201C Hex)
Elektrobit Austria GmbH 7295 (1C7F Hex)
Elektrosfera LTD. 7499 (1D4B Hex)
Elitegroup Computer Systems Inc. 4121 (1019 Hex)
Elma Electronic Inc 7204 (1C24 Hex)
EmBestor Technology Inc. 8296 (2068 Hex)
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc 7774 (1E5E Hex)
EMERGETECH Company Ltd. 7869 (1EBD Hex)
Emerson Automation Solutions 59984 (EA50 Hex)
EnCharge AI, Inc. 8231 (2027 Hex)
Endace Technology Ltd. 60110 (EACE Hex)
Enfabrica Corporation 61355 (EFAB Hex)
Engineering Design Team, Inc. 4669 (123D Hex)
Enginetech Computer Information Co.,Ltd 8181 (1FF5 Hex)
Enosemi, Inc. 8202 (200A Hex)
Enrigin Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. 8125 (1FBD Hex)
Eoptolink Technology Inc.Ltd. 8276 (2054 Hex)
EPIX, INC. 5722 (165A Hex)
Ericsson AS 6693 (1A25 Hex)
esd electronics gmbh 4862 (12FE Hex)
eSOL Co.,Ltd. 7696 (1E10 HEX)
ESSENCORE Limited 7749 (1E45 Hex)
Ethernovia Inc. 8003 (1F43 Hex)
Etion Create (Pty) Ltd. 6519 (1977 Hex)
eTopus Technology Inc. 7874 (1EC2 Hex)
Etron Technology, Inc. 7023 (1B6F Hex)
Euresys SA 6149 (1805 Hex)
EverPro Technology Company Limited 8210 (2012 Hex)
Evertz Microsystems Ltd. 7558 (1D86 Hex)
Evident Corporation 17750 (4556 Hex)
Exascend, Inc. 8076 (1F8C Hex)
EXEGY 7567 (1D8F Hex)