Call For Papers 2021

PCI-SIG® is pleased to once again offer its popular Members Implementation Experiences track. You will not want to miss this series of presentations as PCI-SIG members present unique tips, tricks and pitfalls learned during their implementation of PCI technology. 

During previous PCI-SIG Developers Conferences, some of the highest rated and most attended sessions were from the Members Implementation track. We anticipate similar results at this year’s Virtual DevCon and we are excited to work with you on this opportunity!

Accepted submissions will be recorded and posted in the Members Implementation track via the virtual event platform for the PCI-SIG Virtual Developers Conference 2021. Please see the below timeline and instructions for abstract submission. 

Speaker Guidelines
All speakers should keep in mind that they will be presenting on behalf of PCI-SIG, and therefore the presentations must emphasize specific challenges, issues or methods from experiences in implementing PCIe technology, and avoid giving the impression of product-focused "sales pitches."

By submitting an abstract you agree that you are committed to presenting a recorded session for the PCI-SIG Virtual DevCon in May if your abstract is selected by PCI-SIG. Please ensure you are available and have the appropriate approvals from your company. Additionally, by submitting an abstract you are indicating that you have reviewed the below timeline and agree to: adhering to the deadlines, providing the necessary deliverables and that you are available during the timeframes outlined below for both recording sessions and on the specific event dates.

Speaker Milestones

January 21                          Call for Papers Issued
February 19

Abstracts (100 words – for use in review) must be submitted via the Abstract Submission Site* – Closed

Abstracts are due by no later than 12:00pm (Noon) PT on Friday, February 19th

*Note that submission of abstract & supplementary materials does not guarantee selection as a conference speaker. Selection will occur as outlined in the following deadlines. However, by submitting an abstract you agree to follow all deadlines, provide all deliverables, and you confirm your availability for the required event dates if you are selected.

February 26                              Abstracts selected and speakers notified
March 12                              Presentation outline (roughly 25% content check) and Speaker Agreement due
April 7                              100% Final Presentation due
May 25-26 Members Implementation Sessions – Chosen Speakers should ensure availability for these dates. 

All selected PCI-SIG Speakers must abide by the milestones listed above in order to participate in the PCI-SIG Virtual DevCon 2021. 

For additional information, please send us an email or call us at (503) 619-0569.