PCI-SIG® Compliance Workshop Updates: Workshop #118 Recap, PCIe 5.0 Specification Workshops and More

  • Posted on: 18 December 2021

PCI-SIG® has continued to host PCI Express® (PCIe®) Compliance Workshops throughout 2021 as we recognize that they are an important member benefit. Moving beyond last year’s virtual compliance workshops, we have been able to offer members a series of smaller in person workshops in Burlingame, CA. The success of these workshops is due to the continued support and flexibility of our member companies and the hard work of our engineering team. We are excited to continue expanding the PCIe technology ecosystem and are planning to offer expanded testing opportunities in 2022.

Compliance Workshop #118 Recap

Our most recent in person event, PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #118, was held from December 6 – 10 in Burlingame, CA. Interoperability and compliance testing for this event included the PCI Express 4.0, 3.0 and U.2 specifications. We had 34 member companies submit products and tested over 50 products for inclusion on the Integrators List.

We would also like to thank one of our member companies, Teledyne LeCroy, for loaning some much needed test equipment. Teledyne LeCroy had this to say about their donation:

“Teledyne LeCroy has generously loaned test equipment and additional resources to the PCI-SIG to alleviate some of the bottleneck issues at PCIe compliance workshops such as not enough gold test suites for electrical compliance testing. Teledyne LeCroy has worked closely with the PCI-SIG since its inception to align our physical and protocol layer test equipment roadmaps with new generations of PCI Express. We are excited about continuing this support to the PCI-SIG. Teledyne LeCroy’s PCIe test solution and equipment loan will provide more overall testing bandwidth at PCIe compliance workshops thus making the workshops more efficient for member companies.”

PCIe 5.0 Compliance Workshops

We also have some PCIe 5.0 FYI Compliance Workshops targeted for early 2022. The next workshop will take place from January 10 – 14 in Burlingame, CA. For this preliminary-FYI-only event, no products will be added to the PCI-SIG Integrators List.

The first opportunity for companies to add their PCIe 5.0 technology products to the PCI-SIG Integrators List In will be at our April 2022 PCIe 5.0 Compliance Workshop.  PCI-SIG looks forward to these new opportunities to test PCIe 5.0 technology.

Watch Our Compliance Overview Video  

If you would like to discover more about what it’s like being onsite at a PCI-SIG workshop, please watch our recent overview video. You will learn from our experts about the advantage of having your product added to the Integrators List and other benefits.

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