Continuing Virtual Event Success in 2021: PCI-SIG® PCIe® 5.0 Preliminary FYI Workshop recap and Compliance Workshop #116 Preview

  • Posted on: 9 April 2021

With global health and safety concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic still greatly limiting in-person events in 2021, PCI-SIG® continues to offer compliance workshop opportunities to our members virtually. We kicked off this transition last year with the PCI-SIG Fall Developers Conference and Compliance Workshops #114 and #115. Earlier this year, we also introduced PCIe® 5.0 specification testing with the PCIe 5.0 Preliminary FYI Workshop.

Both workshops were a success, thanks in no small part to the continued support and flexibility of our member companies and the hard work of VTM Group’s Engineering Technical Services (ETS) team. We are excited to continue expanding the PCI Express® technology ecosystem and offering remote product testing opportunities to our members in 2021.

PCIe 5.0 Preliminary FYI Workshop

In February, we held the first PCIe 5.0 Preliminary FYI Workshop for products supporting the PCIe 5.0 specification (32GT/s). A total of 29 people from eight PCI-SIG member companies participated in the workshop, and 11 products were tested. As this was a preliminary-FYI-only event (compliance tests in development), no products were added to the PCI-SIG Integrator’s List. We hope to hold PCIe 5.0 technology compliance workshops in the future.

PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #116

The PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #116 is scheduled virtually for April 19-30. Interoperability and compliance testing for this event includes the PCI Express 4.0, 3.0 and U.2 specifications. While in-person compliance workshops are typically held at an offsite location, virtual workshops take place at the VTM Group office. Members ship their products to be tested and they are meticulously inventoried and securely stored in a locked room by VTM staff before the workshop. Once the workshop begins, members are able to communicate with VTM staff via WebEx video and audio conference to ensure product configuration, test results, and troubleshooting are communicated every step of the way. In addition, PCI-SIG member companies provide equipment and support as Gold Suite test equipment vendors, and help to facilitate the electrical, configuration, link protocol, transaction protocol, and platform BIOS testing conducted during workshops.

As highlighted in a previous blog post, Covid-19 safety measures are in place for staff and volunteers. Strict spacing and isolation procedures are taken, and all onsite participants must receive a negative Covid-19 test. All personnel follow established protocols, including frequent cleaning of surfaces and wearing masks, to minimize risk during the events.

Future Events

While we don’t have a timeline yet for the return to in-person compliance testing events, we are proud to provide virtual alternatives to ensure members’ product development remains on track. Visit our website to learn more about the PCI-SIG Compliance Program,  and be sure to check our website frequently for upcoming member events.