Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Vendor ID
Axelera AI B.V. 8093 (1F9D Hex)
Axell Corporation 6677 (1A15 Hex)
Axiado Corporation 7787 (1E6B Hex)
Axiomtek Co., Ltd. 7692 (1E0C HEX)
Ayar Labs 7920 (1EF0 Hex)
AzureWave Technologies, Inc. 6715 (1A3B Hex)
b-plus technologies GmbH 7556 (1D84 Hex)
Bachmann electronic GmbH 2990 (0BAE Hex)
BAE Systems 7071 (1B9F Hex)
Baikal Electronics, JSC (*Suspended) 7481 (1D39 Hex)
Balluff MV GmbH 19798 (4D56 Hex)
Barco, Inc. 5068 (13CC Hex)
Barrie Technology Co., Ltd. 8211 (2013 Hex)
Basler AG 6888 (1AE8 Hex)
BayHub Technology Inc 4631 (1217 Hex)
BCM Advanced Research 6094 (17CE Hex)
BCOM Networks Limited 8111 (1FAF Hex)
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG 7215 (1C2F Hex)
BedRock Systems, Inc. 8230 (2026 Hex)
Beijing Dajia Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. 4132 (1024 Hex)
Beijing Dayu Technology Co.,Ltd 7938 (1F02 Hex)
Beijing Gengtu Technology Co.Ltd 8184 (1FF8 Hex)
Beijing Memblaze Technology Co. Ltd. 7263 (1C5F Hex)
Beijing SenseTime Technology Development Co.,Ltd (*Suspended) 7800 (1E78 Hex)
Beijing Starblaze Technology Co., LTD 40242 (9D32 Hex)
Beijing Wangxun Technology Co., Ltd. 32904 (8088 Hex)
Bellwether Electronic Corp. 7285 (1C75 Hex)
Benchmark Electronics, Inc. 6917 (1B05 Hex)
Bihl + Wiedemann GmbH 13378 (3442 Hex)
BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH 6673 (1A11 Hex)
Biwin Storage Technology Co., Ltd. 7662 (1DEE Hex)
BizLink Technology, Inc. 7248 (7248 Hex)
Black Sesame Technologies Co., Ltd. 7921 (1EF1 Hex)
Blackberry QNX 7173 (1C05 Hex)
Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd 48573 (BDBD Hex)
Blaize 7736 (1E38 Hex)
Bloombase 0187 (00BB Hex)
Blue Origin, LLC 0176 (00B0 Hex)
Bosch Rexroth AG 5874 (16F2 Hex)
Brainchip, Inc. 7804 (1E7C Hex)
Brite Semiconductor (Shanghai) Corporation, Ltd. 40296 (9D68 Hex)
Broadcom Limited 4454 (1166 Hex)
Bruker Corporation 7247 (1C4F Hex)
Buffalo Inc. 4436 (1154 Hex)
C*Core Technology Co., Ltd. 36864 (9000 Hex)
C-Payne PCB Design 7960 (1F18 Hex)
Cactus Technologies, Limited 7738 (1E3A Hex)
Cadence Design Systems 6093 (17CD Hex)
CAEN S.p.A. 8236 (202C Hex)
Cambricon Technologies Corporation Limited 51900 (CABC Hex)
Canon, Inc. 4524 (11AC Hex)
Cap Co., Ltd. 6525 (197D Hex)
CARIAD SE 7966 (1F1E Hex)
Carina System Co., Ltd. 7318 (1C96 Hex)
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG 8075 (1F8B Hex)
Caswell Inc. 7831 (1E97 Hex)
CDSG 7677 (1DFD Hex)
Celestica 6356 (18D4 Hex)
CENTURY SYSTEMS Co.,Ltd. 4668 (123C Hex)
Ceremorphic, Inc 6978 (1B42 HEX)
Cerio 61719 (F117 Hex)
CERN 4316 (10DC Hex)
CHAINTECH Technology Corp. 9999 (270F Hex)
Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (*Suspended) 1841 (0731 Hex)
Channel Well Technology Co., Ltd. 7968 (1F20 Hex)
Chant Sincere Co., Ltd. 7406 (1CEE Hex)
Chelsio Communications 5157 (1425 Hex)
Chengdu BeiZhongWangXin Technology Co., Ltd. 53772 (D20C Hex)
Chengdu Higon Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. 7572 (1D94 Hex)
Chief Land Electronic Co., Ltd. 7845 (1EA5 Hex)
Chongqing SeekWave Technology Co., Ltd. 8190 (1FFE Hex)
Chrontel, Inc. 6120 (17E8 Hex)
Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd. 8182 (1FF6 Hex)
Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd. 6723 (1A43 Hex)
Ciena Corporation 7495 (1D47 Hex)
Cirrus Logic, Inc. 4115 (1013 Hex)
Cisco Systems, Inc. 4407 (1137 Hex)
Citadel Securities LLC 50668 (C5EC Hex)
Citrix Systems UK Ltd 22611 (5853 Hex)
CIX Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 8044 (1F6C Hex)
Clevo Co. 5464 (1558 Hex)
Clientron Corp. 7910 (1EE6 Hex)
Clourney Semiconductor 8172 (1FEC Hex)
Code Construct Pty Ltd 52446 (CCDE Hex)
Cognex Corporation 4791 (12B7 Hex)
Coherent Inc. 8167 (1FE7 Hex)
Cohu, Inc. 6192 (1830 Hex)
Collins Aerospace 5591 (15D7 Hex)
Colorado Engineering Inc. 7480 (1D38 Hex)
CoMira Solutions Inc 7835 (1E9B Hex)
Communication Automation Corporation 7654 (1DE6 Hex)
Compal Electronics, Inc. 5312 (14C0 Hex)
Comtel Electronics GmbH 7273 (1C69 Hex)
congatec GmbH 6703 (1A2F Hex)
Connect Tech Inc. 4804 (12C4 Hex)
CONNPRO ind. 8065 (1F81 Hex)