Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Name Vendor ID
McDowell Signal Processing, LLC 7632 (1DD0 Hex)
Truechip Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 7633 (1DD1 Hex)
GE-Creative co., Ltd. ( I-Cube Technology Division ) 7634 (1DD2 Hex)
Sage Microelectronics Corp.(*Suspended) 7635 (1DD3 Hex)
Swissbit AG 7636 (1DD4 Hex)
AVAL DATA Corporation 7639 (1DD7 Hex)
Pensando Systems 7640 (1DD8 Hex)
Parraid, LLC 7643 (1DDB Hex)
Groq, Inc. 7648 (1DE0 Hex)
Action Star Technology Co., Ltd. 7650 (1DE2 Hex)
Raspberry Pi (Trading) Limited 7652 (1DE4 Hex)
Eidetic Communications Inc 7653 (1DE5 Hex)
Communication Automation Corporation 7654 (1DE6 Hex)
Acqiris SA 7656 (1DE8 Hex)
Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. 7661 (1DED Hex)
Biwin Storage Technology Co., Ltd. 7662 (1DEE Hex)
Ampere Computing, LLC 7663 (1DEF Hex)
Delphi Engineering Group, Inc. 7666 (1DF2 Hex)
ShenZhen KIMTIGO Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7669 (1DF5 Hex) 7671 (1DF7 Hex)
V&G Information System Co.,Ltd 7672 (1DF8 Hex)
Simula Technology Inc. 7673 (1DF9 Hex)
Astera Labs, Inc. 7674 (1DFA Hex)
CDSG 7677 (1DFD Hex)
Synaptics, Inc. 7681 (1E01 Hex)
OnLogic, Inc. 7683 (1E03 Hex)
Exicon Co., Ltd. 7685 (1E05 Hex)
Novatek Microelectronics Corporation 7689 (1E09 Hex)
Shenzhen Decenta Technology Co.,LTD 7691 (1E0B Hex)
Axiomtek Co., Ltd. 7692 (1E0C HEX)
SambaNova Systems, Inc. 7693 (1E0D HEX)
Kioxia Corporation 7695 (1E0F Hex)
eSOL Co.,Ltd. 7696 (1E10 HEX)
Introspect Technology 7698 (1E12 Hex)
Silicon Creations, LLC 7700 (1E14 Hex)
Wieson Technologies Co., LTD. 7701 (1E15 Hex)
Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG 7703 (1E17 Hex)
DataDirect Networks, Inc. 7706 (1E1A Hex)
Firm INFORMTEST Ltd.(*Suspended) 7707 (1E1B Hex)
Credo Semiconductor, Inc. 7715 (1E23 Hex)
Shanghai Denglin Technologies Co., Ltd 7719 (1E27 Hex)
LIBERTRON Co., Ltd. 7721 (1E29 Hex)
Mercedes-Benz R&D North America, Inc. 7726 (1E2E Hex)
SORD Corporation 7729 (1E31 Hex)
Tuxera Inc. 7730 (1E32 Hex)
Delkin Devices 7731 (1E33 Hex)
Qrypt, Inc. 7732 (1E34 Hex)
Shanghai Enflame Technology Co. Ltd 7734 (1E36 Hex)
Blaize 7736 (1E38 Hex)
MEDION AG 7737 (1E39 Hex)
Cactus Technologies, Limited 7738 (1E3A Hex)
DapuStor Corporation 7739 (1E3B Hex)
Shanghai Iluvatar CoreX Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7742 (1E3E Hex)
MaxLinear Inc 7747 (1E43 Hex)
Valve Software 7748 (1E44 Hex)
ESSENCORE Limited 7749 (1E45 Hex)
Varjo Technologies Oy 7750 (1E46 Hex)
SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd. (*Suspended) 7751 (1E47 Hex)
Continental Autonomous Mobility Germany GmbH 7752 (1E48 Hex)
Yangtze Memory Technologies Co.,Ltd 7753 (1E49 Hex)
2CRSI SA 7754 (1E4A Hex)
GSI Technology 7756 (1E4C Hex)
Tenstorrent Inc 7762 (1E52 Hex)
Kinara Inc. 7768 (1E58 Hex)
Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc 7769 (1E59 Hex)
Alphawave IP 7772 (1E5C Hex)
ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 7773 (1E5D Hex)
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc 7774 (1E5E Hex)
HAILO Technologies LTD. 7776 (1E60 Hex)
Untether AI Corporation 7783 (1E67 Hex)
Jiangsu Xinsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 7784 (1E68 Hex)
IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd 7786 (1E6A Hex)
Axiado Corporation 7787 (1E6B Hex)
Xsight Labs Ltd 7788 (1E6C Hex)
Kandou Bus S.A. 7791 (1E6F Hex)
Primesoc Technologies 7792 (1E70 Hex)
Zoox Inc 7794 (1E72 Hex)
NeuroBlade 7795 (1E73 Hex)
Wind River Systems, Inc. 7797 (1E75 Hex)
Zhejiang Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd 7798 (1E76 Hex)
Beijing SenseTime Technology Development Co.,Ltd (*Suspended) 7800 (1E78 Hex)
Brainchip, Inc. 7804 (1E7C Hex)
Daichu Technologies Co.,Ltd. 7805 (1E7D Hex)
PLIOPS LTD. 7806 (1E7E Hex)
Jiangsu Huacun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 7807 (1E7F Hex)
Dongguan Yizhao Electronic Co.,Ltd. 7810 (1E82 Hex)
Huaqin Technology Co.Ltd 7811 (1E83 Hex)
Heitec AG 7813 (1E85 Hex)
Shenzhen Shinning Electronic Co.,Ltd. 7815 (1E87 Hex)
Cornami, Inc. 7818 (1E8A Hex)
Raymax Technology Ltd. 7826 (1E92 Hex)
Douyin Vision Co., Ltd. 7827 (1E93 Hex)
Caswell Inc. 7831 (1E97 Hex)
Neoconix 7834 (1E9A Hex)
CoMira Solutions Inc 7835 (1E9B Hex)
Adnacom Inc. 7836 (1E9C Hex)
VersaLogic Corporation 7837 (1E9D Hex)
Lynxi Technologies Ltd., Co. 7839 (1E9F Hex)