Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Name Vendor ID
Elektrobit Austria GmbH 7295 (1C7F Hex)
ABLIC Inc. 7301 (1C85 Hex)
Mobiveil, Inc. 7308 (1C8C Hex)
Aces Electronics Co., Ltd. 7316 (1C94 Hex)
Carina System Co., Ltd. 7318 (1C96 Hex)
Illumina 7325 (1C9D Hex)
Sync-n-Scale, LLC 7329 (1CA1 Hex)
Advanced-Connectek USA Inc. 7337 (1CA9 Hex)
Lynx Software Technologies, Inc. 7339 (1CAB Hex)
EXTOLL GmbH 7341 (1CAD Hex)
SerialTek 7348 (1CB4 Hex)
Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd 7349 (1CB5 Hex)
Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. (*Suspended) 7352 (1CB8 Hex)
Novachips Co., Ltd 7357 (1CBD Hex)
Ross Video 7359 (1CBF Hex)
ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. 7361 (1CC1 Hex)
Unigen Corp 7362 (1CC2 Hex)
Shenzhen Unionmemory Information System Limited 7364 (1CC4 HEX)
Wilder Technologies 7374 (1CCE Hex)
Nanjing Magewell Electronics Co., Ltd. 7383 (1CD7 Hex)
ADTEC Corporation 7386 (1CDA Hex)
Secunet Security Networks AG 7389 (1CDD Hex)
SmartDV North America, LLC 7391 (1CDF Hex)
Taiwan Pulse Motion Co., Ltd. 7403 (1CEB Hex)
Chant Sincere Co., Ltd. 7406 (1CEE Hex)
ZTE Corporation 7410 (1CF2 Hex)
Aetina Corporation 7414 (1CF6 Hex)
Corsair Memory, Inc 7418 (1CFA Hex)
Innotech Corporation 7419 (1CFB Hex)
Pure Storage, Inc. 7424 (1D00 Hex)
Shenzhen Deren Electronic Co.,Ltd. 7432 (1D08 Hex)
HARTING Electronics GmbH 7438 (1D0E Hex)
Amazon 7439 (1D0F Hex)
Prodigy Technovations Private Limited 7443 (1D13 Hex)
Lintes Technology Co., Ltd. 7444 (1D14 Hex)
Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7447 (1D17 Hex)
RME GmbH 7448 (1D18 Hex)
VAIO Corporation 7449 (1D19 Hex)
KALRAY 7462 (1D26 Hex)
M31 Technology Corporation 7463 (1D27 Hex)
Aava Mobile Oy 7464 (1D28 Hex)
Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. 7465 (1D29 Hex)
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd. 7469 (1D2D Hex)
Genesis Co.,Ltd 7474 (1D32 Hex)
Prodrive Technologies 7475 (1D33 Hex)
NovaSparks 7479 (1D37 Hex)
Colorado Engineering Inc. 7480 (1D38 Hex)
Baikal Electronics, JSC (*Suspended) 7481 (1D39 Hex)
Top Victory Investments Limited 7493 (1D45 Hex)
Ciena Corporation 7495 (1D47 Hex)
Elektrosfera LTD. 7499 (1D4B Hex)
Integrated Design Tools, Inc. 7501 (1D4D Hex)
Aurotek Corporation 7504 (1D50 Hex)
Technobox, Inc. 7521 (1D61 Hex)
Alltop Technology Co., Ltd 7527 (1D67 Hex)
Laird Connectivity, LLC 7537 (1D71 Hex)
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 7538 (1D72 Hex)
Dera co., Ltd. 7544 (1D78 Hex)
Transcend 7545 (1D79 Hex)
Aerotech Inc 7548 (1D7C Hex)
VIAVI Solutions 7549 (1D7D Hex)
Plugable 7551 (1D7F Hex)
NETINT Technologies Inc. 7554 (1D82 Hex)
b-plus technologies GmbH 7556 (1D84 Hex)
Neosem Holdings Inc 7557 (1D85 Hex)
Evertz Microsystems Ltd. 7558 (1D86 Hex)
Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. 7559 (1D87 Hex)
Telechips Inc. 7560 (1D88 Hex)
YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd 7561 (1D89 Hex)
FASTWEL Group Co. Ltd 7564 (1D8C Hex)
Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies (*Suspended) 7565 (1D8D Hex)
MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. 7566 (Hex 1D8E)
EXEGY 7567 (1D8F Hex)
Abaco Systems Inc. 7570 (1D92 Hex)
YADRO 7571 (1D93 Hex)
Chengdu Higon Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd. 7572 (1D94 Hex)
Graphcore Ltd 7573 (1D95 Hex)
Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. 7575 (1D97 Hex)
Facebook 7579 (1D9B Hex)
3M Company 7584 (1DA0 Hex)
Teko Telecom S.r.l. a Socio Unico 7585 (1DA1 Hex)
Sapphire Technology Limited 7586 (1DA2 Hex)
Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd. 7588 (1DA4 Hex)
Corigine Inc. 7592 (1DA8 Hex)
SparkLAN Communications, Inc. 7596 (1DAC Hex)
Vectology,Inc. 7598 (1DAE Hex)
MIT Lincoln Laboratory 7599 (1DAF Hex)
ATP Electronics, Inc. 7602 (1DB2 Hex)
Unisoc (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd. 7603 (1DB3 Hex)
Arteris Inc. 7604 (1DB4 HEX)
Logic Fruit Technologies Pvt Ltd 7613 (1DBD Hex)
Innogrit Corporation 7614 (1DBE Hex)
FADU Inc. 7621 (1DC5 Hex)
Fox Crypto B.V. 7622 (1DC6 HEX)
UniTest 7625 (1DC9 Hex)
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. 7626 (1DCA Hex)
Liqid Inc 7629 (1DCD Hex)
Zhuhai Sinead Technology Co., Ltd. 7631 (1DCF Hex)