US DevCon 2022 Recap: Celebrating 30 Years of PCI-SIG® Innovation

  • Posted on: 29 July 2022

By Scott Knowlton and Mihaela Erler, PCI-SIG MWG Co-Chairs

On June 20-21, we celebrated 30 years of PCI-SIG® innovation with the first in-person Developers Conference since 2019 in Santa Clara, CA. The event was a resounding success with 335 in-person attendees, 510 virtual attendees, and 16 member company sponsors showcasing their PCI Express® (PCIe®) technology solutions in the exhibit hall. Attendees also had opportunities to learn from the industry’s PCIe technology experts, with 34 educational sessions covering technical updates and member implementation experiences. PCI-SIG members can view the DevCon 2022 presentation recordings and slides on demand on Causeway.




Adding to the excitement, PCI-SIG announced the forthcoming PCIe 7.0 specification, targeted for release in 2025. PCIe 7.0 specification is planned to deliver a 128 GT/s data rate utilizing PAM4 signaling and Flit-based encoding.

The first day ended with a 30th Anniversary party where attendees were able to test their PCI-SIG knowledge with a trivia challenge and win some great prizes. It was a time to celebrate the many accomplishments of the consortium and honor numerous individuals for their years of service and contributions to the PCIe technology ecosystem, including David Harriman, Debendra Das Sharma and Richard Solomon.

The PCI-SIG Marketing Workgroup (MWG) was pleased to present the PCI Express Product Showcase. This exhibit displayed 23 PCIe technology devices from 16 member companies, including Storage Solutions, IP Solutions, Retimers and more. Please see below for a full list of the products.

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation

  • VectorPath® S7t-VG6 Accelerator Card


  • PCIe CEM Connector
  • PCIe SFF Connector
  • MCIO (Mini Cool Edge IO)


  • Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT

Astera Labs

  • Aries PCIe 5.0/CXL™ Smart Retimers for x16, x8 ports


  • PCI Express 5.0 and 6.0 PHY IP
  • PCI Express Verification IP


  • Roealsen5 Enterprise NVMe™ SSD Series
  • Xlenstor2 Enterprise NVMe SCM SSD Series

Genesys Logic

  • GL9932S
  • GL9932
  • GL9982A

Montage Technology Co.

  • PCIe 5.0 Retimer

One Stop Systems

  • PCIe 5.0 Cable Adapter (HIB)
  • PCIe 5.0 Expansion Enclosures
  • PCIe 5.0 5x16 Copper Cable 1m

Pro Design Electronic

  • Pro Design HAWK VC1902 Acceleration Card


  • realme Book / realme Book Prime


  • PCI Express-Over-Fiber FireFly™ Adaptor Card


  • Si5332 PCIe 6.0 Programmable Clock Generator Evaluation Board
  • SKYWORKS PCIe 6.0 Clock Jitter Analysis Tool

SMART Modular Technologies

  • Kestral™


  • DesignWare Controller, PHY and Verification IP for PCI Express 6.0

Trenton Systems

  • 3U BAM Server