PCIe Technology Market Adoption Through 2027: Full Report from ABI Research Now Available to PCI-SIG Members

  • Posted on: 10 June 2023
  • By Mihaela Erler and Scott Knowlton, PCI-SIG Marketing Work Group Co-Chairs

Today at our PCI-SIG® Developers Conference 2023 in Santa Clara, California we debuted a new report from ABI Research, “PCI Express Market Vertical Opportunity.” We are proud to offer the report as an exclusive PCI-SIG member benefit to our over 940+ members worldwide. 

The report analyzed PCIe technology connections in market verticals including data center, edge, telcos, AI, automotive, mobile devices and wearables. Through their research, they determined that PCI Express Technology TAM is expected to reach $10 billion by 2027.

Why PCIe Technology?

According to ABI Research, PCI-SIG’s continued innovation ensures PCI Express® (PCIe®) architecture remains highly relevant, with strong opportunities to grow over the medium to long term across a variety of high-growth verticals.

Applications and systems across verticals are increasingly demanding improved performance, power efficiency, flexibility and embedded security—all of which can be offered by PCIe architecture.

Key Highlights from the Report

  • Automotive and network edge verticals offer the highest growth opportunities for PCIe technology, with total addressable market (TAM) and compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 53% and 38%, respectively, over the forecast period.
  • The automotive industry can extract significant value from widespread PCIe technology adoption, as it enables the consolidation of Electrical/Electronic (E/E) domains, as well as helping systems overcome safety and efficiency challenges within mission-critical applications for autonomous vehicles.
  • High-performance applications such as data centers will contribute to sustained long -term demand for new PCIe technology deployment. In addition to performance, other critical drivers of PCIe technology adoption are power efficiency, security and “time-to-value”.
  • The low power feature (L0p) of PCIe 6.0 specification will be a major driver of deployment, as power efficiency becomes a central strategy for adopters with a closer focus on sustainability and lowering operational costs.
  • AI industry adoption will be high, as PCIe technology offers decision makers agility through forwards and backwards compatibility, improving time-to-value and lowering deployment risk.
  • Complex Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN or ORAN) workloads will lead to sustained demand for PCIe technology, as heterogenous hardware becomes ubiquitous.
  • PCIe technology will perform well in the mobile devices vertical, as the quick pace of market innovation will necessitate a discrete component interconnect.

Become a PCI-SIG Member and Download the Report

The full report is available to PCI-SIG members via the member workspace. You can expect to see this compelling data referenced throughout the industry as our members continue to champion PCIe technology.  

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