Pack Your Bags for PCI Express®: PCI-SIG® Israel, Europe and APAC 2019 DevCons

  • Posted on: 16 September 2019
  • By Richard Solomon, PCI-SIG Vice President and Developers Conference Chair

PCI Express® (PCIe®) technology is deployed worldwide by PCI-SIG member companies, so it only makes sense that PCI-SIG® travels around the globe too. We hosted the annual PCI-SIG U.S. Developers Conference in Santa Clara back in June and now it’s time to grab our passports. Along with the U.S. DevCon, PCI-SIG holds at least two other conferences outside of the United States each year. This fall we are heading to Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Taipei. PCI-SIG Developers Conferences are free events open to our 800+ member companies which include presentations on a multitude of PCI Express topics over two days. No matter where in the world they take place, PCI-SIG DevCons offer exclusive technical trainings and networking opportunities for PCI-SIG member companies.

The PCI-SIG Developers Conferences allow members to attend introductory and implementation-focused sessions to learn directly from the industry’s PCIe experts. These trainings teach our members best practices to improve product roll-out and interoperability, as well as provide updates on the latest PCIe developments from each work group, including Electrical, CEM and Protocols. These events also feature PCIe-enabled product demonstrations from sponsors in the exhibit hall.

PCI-SIG will also be hosting the first official APAC face-to-face Marketing Work Group meeting on Tuesday, October 29 in conjunction with the Taipei DevCon. While the meeting is open to all PCI-SIG members, it is intended to provide regional support for marketing and promotion of PCI Express architecture in Taipei. More information about the agenda will be shared with members in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #111 will kick-off during the Taipei DevCon and be held October 29 – November 1. Compliance Workshops allow members to test and validate their products before they enter the field. This is the first and only opportunity to test your PCIe 4.0 products in APAC this year, and space will be limited so be sure to register your products and don’t miss this free opportunity!


All employees of PCI-SIG member companies, including systems architects, designers, engineers, engineering managers and more.

When and Where:
PCI-SIG Developers Conference Israel

September 9 - 10, 2019
Hilton Tel Aviv

Online Registration Closed August 29, 2019

PCI-SIG Developers Conference Europe
September 12 - 13, 2019
Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

Online Registration Closed September 5, 2019

PCI-SIG Developers Conference Tokyo
The Westin Tokyo: October 23, 2019

Register here

PCI-SIG Developers Conference Taipei
Taipei Marriott Hotel: October 28 - 29, 2019
Register here

Find the complete DevCon Israel agenda here and the DevCon Europe agenda here.

For those attending the event or following the event on social media, please use our event hashtags in your tweets about each DevCon: #IsraelDevCon19#EuropeDevCon19 and #APACDevCon19 for Tokyo and Taipei.  

I’m looking forward to traveling the world with PCI-SIG, I hope I’ll see you there!