CXL™ Consortium and PCI-SIG® Announce Marketing MOU Agreement

  • Posted on: 24 September 2021
  • By Kurt Lender, CXL™ Consortium MWG Co-Chair and Scott Knowlton, PCI-SIG MWG Co-Chair

The CXL™ Consortium and PCI-SIG® are excited to announce a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two organizations. This MOU establishes a liaison framework between the two organizations to ensure consistent joint messaging and marketing across areas of mutual interest.

PCI-SIG is an association of 800+ industry companies committed to advancing its non-proprietary peripheral component interconnect (PCI) technology. PCI-SIG defines PCI specifications to deliver required I/O functionality, adapting PCI technology to future applications and supporting industry-wide product development through compliance and interoperability test support. 

The CXL Consortium is an industry standards body dedicated to advancing Compute Express Link™ (CXL) technology. CXL is a high-speed interconnect offering coherency and memory semantics using high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between the host processor and devices such as accelerators, memory buffers, and smart I/O devices.

CXL leverages the standard PCI Express® (PCIe®) physical and electrical interface – as – to provide low latency and high bandwidth connectivity between the host processor and devices.

This agreement between CXL Consortium and PCI-SIG will increase awareness of industry standard interconnect technologies and provide collaborative and educational messaging. Together the CXL Consortium and PCI-SIG will coordinate their marketing efforts as needed to educate the developer community and computing industry regarding the two organizations, activities and specifications. Additionally, the organizations will work to:

  • Coordinate on specified joint activities including appropriate training and development of promotional content for webinars, workshops, meetings, presentations and other industry events
  • Collaborate on certain promotional and marketing activities including blogs, articles, press releases and social media content

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