Any PCIe® Technology Questions? Introducing a New and Improved PCI-SIG® Members Forum

  • Posted on: 13 April 2023
  • By Gene Saghi, PCI-SIG Members Forum Moderator

The PCI-SIG® Members Forum is a resource for members to ask a variety of technical questions about PCI Express® (PCIe®) specifications and applications. The PCI-SIG Members Forum is moderated by PCI-SIG Technical Work Group Chairs and other PCIe technology experts. It provides a platform to maintain a visible and permanent record of technical questions and answers. Recently, I have been working with PCI-SIG to address all previously unanswered questions on the PCI-SIG Members Forum, and work groups are actively answering new threads and topics. So far, over 300 questions have been answered.

What’s the purpose of the PCI-SIG Members Forum?
The goal of the Members Forum is to provide a record of technical questions and answers, making this forum a key resource for PCI-SIG members. By providing a means for moderators and PCI-SIG members to weigh in with their technical expertise, the Forum leverages the PCI-SIG community. The PCI-SIG Members Forum includes a content overview and is searchable so users can explore the range of topics that have been covered. Users can access quick links to filter and sort posts by topic.

What topics are covered on the PCI-SIG Members Forum?
Questions are wide-ranging and they should be PCIe technology related. Moderators endeavor to answer questions with a prompt turnaround of 5-7 business days. Here is a list of some topics and subtopics we’ve addressed in the PCI-SIG Members Forum:

  • PCI Express Specifications: All generations from PCIe 2.0 specification to PCIe 6.0 specification
  • Form Factors, including CEM, M.2, Cabling and more
  • Test Specifications/Compliance Workshop: Covers BIOS, PHY, Configuration Space, Compliance Workshop test tools and additional topics
  • Firmware and BIOS
  • PCI
  • PCI-X
  • Power Management

Please note that moderators cannot answer questions about specific products.

Tips to use the PCI-SIG Members Forum

  • The PCI-SIG Members Forum is easily accessible to PCI-SIG members through the PCI-SIG Members Area page on Causeway
  • Users can review the forum overview for instructions on how to use the PCI-SIG Members Forum
  • The FAQ offers additional tips on how to use the Members Forum and troubleshoot topics
  • Questions about PCI Express specifications or any of the topics listed above may already be addressed in the PCI-SIG Members Forum
  • The search function enables users to search topics and questions that may already be answered
  • Members can ask new questions, search previous topics, and offer answers along with moderators

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