Supplemental Sponsorship Opportunities

US DevCon 2018 – Closed

Supplemental Sponsorship Opportunities – limited to one each unless otherwise noted:

Continental Breakfast Sponsorship: $3,500 (USD) – limited to 2
Be the first Sponsor to interact with 2018 PCI-SIG DevCon attendees. PCI-SIG will coordinate a continental breakfast of bagels, pastries, fruit, juice and coffee for DevCon attendees. The Sponsor will be provided with a product/demo table next to the continental breakfast in order to facilitate further interaction with attendees. Sponsorship of the continental breakfast is per day. The first Sponsor to register for the continental breakfast opportunity will have the selection of sponsoring breakfast on the first or second day of the PCI-SIG DevCon.

Evening Mixer Refreshment Sponsorship: $3,000 (USD)
Sponsor one of the most requested aspects of a PCI-SIG DevCon. The Sponsor will receive two 10’x5’ serving areas to distribute drinks OR host an ice cream sundae bar and showcase company products and literature. PCI-SIG will arrange a professional caterer to provide and manage distribution of the alcohol or ice cream to the DevCon attendees. For an additional $500, the Sponsor may provide their own branded pint glasses to give away at the mixer. PCI-SIG will connect the Sponsor with PCI-SIG’s preferred design company so the Sponsor can work directly with them to create a branded pint glass for the evening mixer. A special evening mixer advertisement, featuring the Sponsor’s logo, will be included in the DevCon program guide.

Internet Sponsorship: $3,000 (USD)
Allow all conference attendees to stay connected as the Wi-Fi Sponsor. Upon logging in, all attendees using Wi-Fi will be directed to a link of the Sponsor’s choice within the sponsoring company's website. The Sponsor will need to provide PCI-SIG with the correct link. The Sponsor will also have the opportunity to create a custom network name and password that all attendees will need to enter in order to access the Wi-Fi.

Coffee Cart Sponsorship: $3,000 (USD)
Upgrade DevCon attendees to gourmet coffee. Sponsorship of the coffee cart at the PCI-SIG DevCon will include unlimited coffee drinks for each attendee. The coffee cart will be located in the Sponsor Exhibit area and will be available during registration and the AM breaks. A table for Sponsor collateral/demos will be placed next to the coffee cart for additional attendee interaction.

Giveaway Bag Sponsorship: $3,000 (USD)
Make sure attendees take your company home with them! Each DevCon attendee will receive a giveaway bag with a piece of the Sponsor’s collateral inside. PCI-SIG will distribute a Sponsor giveaway bag to each attendee during the check-in process. The Sponsor must ship the giveaway bag to the Santa Clara Convention Center no later than one week prior to the start of the event. The Sponsor must supply PCI-SIG with a sample of the giveaway bag for pre-approval.

Lanyard Sponsorship: $2,000 (USD)
Put your company logo on every PCI-SIG DevCon 2018 attendee. We will distribute your lanyard with every conference badge. The sponsoring company must ship the lanyards to the Santa Clara Convention Center no later than one week prior to the start of the event. The Sponsor must supply PCI-SIG with a sample lanyard for pre-approval.

Conference Notebook Sponsorship: $3,000 (USD)
Make sure attendees think of your company each time they review their notes from the conference. Each DevCon Attendee will receive your notebook during registration. The Sponsor must ship the notebooks to the Santa Clara Convention Center no later than one week prior to the start of the event. Each notebook may contain one company promotional CD and one company advertisement flyer. The Sponsor must supply PCI-SIG with a copy of the notebook for pre-approval.