Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Name Vendor ID
Roscoe Software LLC 8027 (1F5B Hex)
Shenzhen MADIGI Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd 8021 (1F55 Hex)
MangoBoost Inc. 8018 (1F52 Hex)
LeRain Technology Co., Ltd 8016 (1F50 Hex)
Shanghai DaoCloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. (DaoCloud) 8015 (1F4F Hex)
Shenzhen Corerain Technologies. Co. Ltd. 8010 (1F4A Hex)
NeuReality LTD 8009 (1F49 Hex)
Wistron NeWeb Corp. 8008 (1F48 Hex)
YUSUR Technology Co., Ltd. 8007 (1F47 Hex)
Signal Easy Technologies Co., Ltd. 8005 (1F45 Hex)
Ethernovia Inc. 8003 (1F43 Hex)
AIO Core Co., Ltd. 8001 (1F41 Hex)
Netac Technology Co.,Ltd 8000 (1F40 Hex)
Avant Technology 7996 (1F3C Hex)
Silicon Innovation Technologies Co., Ltd. 7993 (1F39 Hex)
Wisewave Technology Co., Ltd 7992 (1F38 Hex)
Hongkong Likfo (China) Business LTD 7991 (1F37 Hex)
Purplelec Inc.Co.,Ltd 7987 (1F33 Hex)
Wuhan YuXin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7986 (1F32 Hex)
Nextorage Corporation 7985 (1F31 Hex)
SEMIFIVE, INC. 7974 (1F26 Hex)
xFusion Digital Technologies Co., Limited 7972 (1F24 Hex)
Channel Well Technology Co., Ltd. 7968 (1F20 Hex)
Ranovus Inc. 7967 (1F1F Hex)
CARIAD SE 7966 (1F1E Hex)
Initio (HK) Corporation Limited 7965 (1F1D Hex)
SOPHGO Technologies Ltd. 7964 (1F1C Hex)
Wuxi High Information Security Technology Co. ,Ltd. 7961 (1F19 Hex)
C-Payne PCB Design 7960 (1F18 Hex)
Xconn Technologies Holdings, Inc. 7958 (1F16 Hex)
Wolley (Taiwan) Ltd. 7957 (1F15 Hex)
Listan GmbH 7955 (1F13 Hex)
Nebula Matrix 7951 (1F0F Hex)
Accipiter Systems, Inc. 7950 (1F0E HEX)
DeGirum Corporation 7949 (1F0D Hex)
Nubis Communications, Inc. 7947 (1F0B Hex)
Akrostar Technology Co., Ltd. 7944 (1F08 Hex) 7942 (1F06 Hex)
WLCO(ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd. 7941 (1F05 Hex)
iPasslabs Technology Co. Ltd. 7940 (1F04 Hex)
Shenzhen Shichuangyi Electronics Co., Ltd 7939 (1F03 Hex)
Beijing Dayu Technology Co.,Ltd 7938 (1F02 Hex)
Rebellions Inc. 7935 (1EFF Hex)
Peng Yu Trigold Limited 7934 (1EFE Hex)
Rivos Inc 7933 (1EFD Hex)
Flexxon Pte Ltd 7931 (1EFB Hex)
APTIV 7928 (1EF8 Hex)
Shenzhen Gunnir Technology Development Co., Ltd 7927 (1EF7 Hex)
GrAI Matter Labs 7926 (1EF6 Hex)
Black Sesame Technologies Co., Ltd. 7921 (1EF1 Hex)
Ayar Labs 7920 (1EF0 Hex)
Tracewell Systems, Inc. 7918 (1EEE Hex)
Xiangdixian Computing Technology (Chongqing) Limited Company 7917 (1EED Hex)
Jiangsu Viscore Technologies Co.,Ltd 7916 (1EEC Hex)
SUSE LLC 7913 (1EE9 Hex)
Shenzhen BXC Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. 7912 (1EE8 Hex)
Honor Device Co., Ltd. 7911 (1EE7 Hex)
Clientron Corp. 7910 (1EE6 Hex)
PetaIO Inc. 7908 (1EE4 Hex)
plc2 Design GmbH 7906 (1EE2 Hex)
Suzhou Kuhan Information technologies 7905 (1EE1 Hex)
DreamBig Semiconductor Inc 7902 (1EDE Hex)
infodas GmbH 7898 (1EDA Hex) 7897 (1ED9 Hex)
Moore Threads Technology Co.,Ltd 7893 (1ED5 HEX)
Shandong Exponent Semiconductor Co.,Ltd 7892 (1ED4 HEX)
FuriosaAI, Inc. 7890 (1ED2 HEX)
Hosin Global Electronics Co., LTD. 7888 (1ED0 HEX)
EdgeQ, Inc. 7886 (1ECE Hex)
Lightmatter 7882 (1ECA Hex)
Wingtech Group(HongKong)Limited 7881 (1EC9 Hex)
Vastai Technologies (Shanghai) Inc 7878 (1EC6 Hex)
Picocom Technology Limited 7876 (1EC4)
eTopus Technology Inc. 7874 (1EC2 Hex)
Wiwynn Corporation 7873 (1EC1 Hex)
Volex Interconnect Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 7871 (1EBF Hex)
EMERGETECH Company Ltd. 7869 (1EBD Hex)
Sabrent 7868 (1EBC Hex)
Nexark, Inc DBA Sabrent 7868 (1EBC Hex)
nCipher Security Ltd 7867 (1EBB Hex)
Senscomm Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 7865 (1EB9 Hex)
Wuxi Stars Microsystem Technology Co., Ltd 7862 (1EB6 Hex)
Shenzhen Goodtimes Technology Co.,Ltd 7859 (1EB3 Hex)
VeriSilicon Inc. 7857 (1EB1 Hex)
Palo Alto Networks 7855 (1EAF Hex)
Winintec 7848 (1EA8 Hex)
Chief Land Electronic Co., Ltd. 7845 (1EA5 Hex)
Newtech Co., Ltd. 7844 (1EA4 Hex)
Sichuan Huafeng Technology Co., Ltd. 7841 (1EA1 Hex)
Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited 7840 (1EA0 Hex)
Lynxi Technologies Ltd., Co. 7839 (1E9F Hex)
VersaLogic Corporation 7837 (1E9D Hex)
Adnacom Inc. 7836 (1E9C Hex)
CoMira Solutions Inc 7835 (1E9B Hex)
Neoconix 7834 (1E9A Hex)