Member Companies

Only one VID can be retrieved for each PCI SIG member. A member could have an affiliated company associated with another VID. If the VID or company name you are searching for cannot be found please contact for help.

Vendor ID
EXFO Inc. 7105 (1BC1 Hex)
Exicon Co., Ltd. 7685 (1E05 Hex)
EXTOLL GmbH 7341 (1CAD Hex)
Extreme Engineering Solutions 22597 (5845 Hex)
F5 Networks, Inc. 62965 (F5F5 Hex)
Fabric of Truth, Inc 8188 (1FFC Hex)
Facebook 7579 (1D9B Hex)
FADU Inc. 7621 (1DC5 Hex)
Faraday Technology Corporation 6283 (188B Hex)
Fast Corporation 5219 (1463 Hex)
Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies (*Suspended) 7565 (1D8D Hex)
Fidus Systems Inc. 6414 (190E Hex)
Firm INFORMTEST Ltd.(*Suspended) 7707 (1E1B Hex)
FLC Technology Group Inc. 8243 (2033 Hex)
Flextronics International 6293 (1895 Hex)
Flexxon Pte Ltd 7931 (1EFB Hex)
Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd 7349 (1CB5 Hex)
For-A Company Limited 6008 (1778 Hex)
Ford Motor Company 8042 (1F6A Hex)
Foresight Imaging LLC 4453 (1165 Hex)
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH 6038 (1796 Hex)
Fortinet, Inc. 6697 (1A29 Hex)
Forum Test Company
ForwardEdge ASIC, LLC. 8179 (1FF3 Hex)
Fox Crypto B.V. 7622 (1DC6 HEX)
Foxconn (Hon Hai) 4187 (105B Hex)
Framework Computer Inc. 61713 (F111 Hex)
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) 8057 (1F79 Hex)
Frontgrade Gaisler AB 8274 (2052 Hex)
FSP Technology Inc. 8183 (1FF7 Hex)
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. 5866 (16EA Hex)
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. 4405 (1135 Hex)
Fujitsu Limited 4303 (10CF Hex)
FuriosaAI, Inc. 7890 (1ED2 HEX)
Furukawa ElectricCo., Ltd. 6826 (1AAA Hex)
Gainward Technology Int'l Limited 4272 (10B0 Hex)
Galaxy Microsystems Ltd. 6988 (1B4C Hex)
GE Aviation 6005 (1775 Hex)
GE HealthCare Technologies Inc 8120 (1FB8 Hex)
GE-Creative co., Ltd. ( I-Cube Technology Division ) 7634 (1DD2 Hex)
GemTek Technology Co., Ltd. 6137 (17F9 Hex)
General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc. 0291 (0123 Hex)
Genesis Co.,Ltd 7474 (1D32 Hex)
Genesys Logic, Inc. 6048 (17A0 Hex)
GET Engineering Corporation 5607 (15E7 Hex)
Gidel Ltd. 5724 (165C Hex)
Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd. 5208 (1458 Hex)
GigaIO Networks, Inc. 8301 (206D Hex)
GinMeta Co., LTD 8198 (2006 Hex)
GL Communications Inc. 8072 (1F88 Hex)
Glenfly Tech Co., Ltd. 26470 (6766 Hex)
GM Cruise LLC 60587 (ECAB Hex)
GOEPEL electronic GmbH 5134 (140E Hex)
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd. 7469 (1D2D Hex)
Google, Inc. 6880 (1AE0 Hex)
Gopher Inc. 6787 (1A83 Hex)
GopherTec Inc. 7262 (1C5E Hex)
GoPro 8200 (2008 Hex)
Gowin Semiconductor Corporation 8898 (22C2 Hex)
GrAI Matter Labs 7926 (1EF6 Hex)
Grandtrans Communication (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. 8306 (2072 Hex)
Granite River Labs Inc. 7127 (1BD7 Hex)
Graphcore Ltd 7573 (1D95 Hex)
Green Hills Software 7061 (1B95 Hex)
Greenliant 7157 (1BF5 Hex)
Groq, Inc. 7648 (1DE0 Hex)
GSI Technology 7756 (1E4C Hex)
Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd 8171 (1FEB Hex)
GXMICRO Technology (shanghai) CO.,LTD 8262 (2046 Hex)
Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. 7465 (1D29 Hex)
HAILO Technologies LTD. 7776 (1E60 Hex)
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. 4513 (11A1 Hex)
Hangzhou Clounix Technology Limited 8067 (1F83 Hex)
Hangzhou Hongjun Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 2083 (0823 Hex)
Hangzhou Kanxin Technology Co., Ltd 8239 (202F Hex)
HARTING Electronics GmbH 7438 (1D0E Hex)
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG 4395 (112B Hex)
Heitec AG 7813 (1E85 Hex)
Henan KunLun Technologies Co., Ltd. 8255 (203F Hex)
Hensoldt Sensors GmbH 6861 (1ACD Hex)
Herrick Technology Laboratories (HTL), Inc. 30912 (78C0 Hex)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 5520 (1590 Hex)
Hexagon Metrology S.P.A. 7253 (1C55 Hex)
HEXIN Technologies Co., Ltd. 8116 (1FB4 Hex)
HighPoint Technologies, Inc. 4355 (1103 Hex)
Hilscher Gesellschaft fuer Systemautomation mbH 5583 (15CF Hex)
Hirota Seisakusho Limited 2048 (0800 Hex)
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation 8141 (1FCD Hex)
Hitachi Solutions Technology, Ltd. 4688 (1250 Hex)
Hitachi Zosen Corporation 4967 (1367 Hex)
Hitachi, Ltd. 4180 (1054 Hex)
Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. 8295 (2067 Hex)
Hivertec, Inc. 5289 (14A9 Hex)
HKC Shilian (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd 8270 (204E Hex)
HMS Technology Center GmbH 7150 (1BEE Hex)
Honeywell Inc. 4268 (10AC Hex)
Hongkong Likfo (China) Business LTD 7991 (1F37 Hex)
Honor Device Co., Ltd. 7911 (1EE7 Hex)