PCIe 5.0 FYI Correlation Workshop

*NOTE* All attendees, volunteers and staff will be required to take a COVID test before arriving onsite. The test will be coordinated and paid for by PCI-SIG staff and will be conducted locally. More information will be provided as the event gets closer.

  • Member Online Registration – Registration is Now Closed
  • Dates: June 7 – 11, 2021
    • ​Registration Deadline: May 13, 2021
    • Please note that Registrations are currently being waitlisted. We are working to expand capacity for this event and hope to be able to accept additional registrations off of the waitlist. Registrations will be removed from the waitlist in the order that they are received. Please register at this time to ensure your spot on the waitlist. We will follow up no later than the week of May 17th regarding your registration status for this event.
  • Location: PCI-SIG Headquarters (3855 SW 153rd Drive, Beaverton, OR 97003)

Important Logistics:

  • The primary goal of this event is to assist in the development of the PCIe 5.0 Compliance Program. Testing Testing will focus primarily on the electrical tests at (Tx, Rx and LEQ) 32 GT/s only. Link Transaction and Configuration Space tests are available but these will be limited in test coverage. 
    • To participate, your Device must:
      • Support 32GT/s
      • Implement a fully functional LTSSM
      • Implement full link and transaction layer support at 32 GT/s
      • Be capable of full PCIe 5.0 protocol
      • Generate 32 GT/s compliance pattern via polling.compliance and accept the Tx Compliance signal from the CBB
      • Be able to enter loopback via recovery
    • Any DUT that isn’t able to meet the above requirements will be a lower priority device for correlation tests and undergo reduced testing
  • Your product must support PCIe 5.0 (32GT/s only) in order to attend this event. Please note that products tested during this event will not be eligible for the Integrators List. 
  • Attendance will be capped at a maximum of 2 attendees per product, with a preference that 0 or 1 attendee accompany the product. Attendees must be finalized prior to May 14, 2021 and will not be able to be changed after this date.
    • If you are not attending in person, your product must be shipped to PCI-SIG Headquarters by Friday, May 28, 2021. We will provide further shipping instructions once your registration is confirmed.
  • Every person attendee the event onsite must have a negative COVID-19 test that will be coordinated by PCI-SIG staff prior to the event. More details on COVID-19 testing will be sent prior to the workshop.

REGISTER EARLY: In case registration exceeds our testing capacities, we have established a reasonable cap for each product type and revision. If these caps are reached during online registration, we will put any additional products on a waiting list. Products will be moved from the waiting list to full registration if possible, based on the order of their attempted pre-registration and will be notified the week after the registration deadline of Thursday, May 13, 2021.

COST: Participation in this Members Only event is free. Please note that your credit card information will be collected for product registration(s); however, you will not be charged unless your product does not attend the event or your product registration is not canceled by 5:00pm PT on Thursday, May 13, 2021. 

Notes for Review:

For additional information or questions about this event, or if you are interested in Sponsor Opportunities, please send us an email at compliance@pcisig.com.