Supplemental Sponsorship Opportunities

Supplemental Sponsorship Opportunities are Open!

Taiwan DevCon 2023 – Open Now!
*limited to one each unless otherwise noted

Conference Notebook Sponsor: $3,000 USD
Make sure attendees think of your company each time they review their notes from the conference. Each DevCon Attendee will receive your notebook during registration. The Sponsor must ship the notebooks to the Taipei Marriott Hotel no later than one week prior to the start of the event. Each notebook may contain one company promotional CD and one company advertisement flyer. The Sponsor must supply PCI-SIG with a copy of the notebook for pre-approval.

Lanyard Sponsor: $2,000 USD
Put your company logo on every PCI-SIG DevCon Taiwan 2023 attendee lanyard.  We will distribute the branded lanyards with every conference badge at registration.  A proof for review will be provided to the Sponsor. 

US DevCon 2023 – Coming Soon