Member Companies

Vendor ID
Scientific Games 5230 (146E Hex)
Scietera Technologies, Inc 7520 (1D60 Hex)
SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. 4550 (11C6 Hex)
Seagate Technology LLC 7089 (1BB1 Hex)
Seagate Technology PLC 7089 (1BB1 Hex)
SEAKR Engineering Inc. 6669 (1A0D Hex)
Sealevel Systems, Inc. 4958 (135E Hex)
SECO Srl 7148 (1BEC Hex)
Sega Corporation 4571 (11DB Hex)
SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd. 11DB
Seiko Instruments, Inc. 7301 (1C85 Hex)
SerialTek 7348 (1CB4 Hex)
Shannon Systems 7344 (1CB0 Hex)
Shen Zhen Deren Electronic Co., LTD. 7432 (1D08 Hex)
Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. 7575 (1D97 Hex)
Shikino High-Tech Co., Ltd 7223 (1C37 Hex)
Shimadzu Corporation 7281 (1C71 Hex)
Siemens AG 4362 (110A Hex)
Sierra Wireless, Inc. 6359 (18D7 Hex)
Sigma Designs, Inc 4357 (1105 Hex)
SignalCore, Inc. 7147 (1BEB Hex)
SII Semiconductor Corporation 7301 (1C85 Hex)
SIIG, Inc. 4895 (131F Hex)
Silex Technology, Inc. 7118 (1BCE Hex)
SiLicom, Ltd 4980 (1374 Hex)
Silicon Graphics (SGI) 4265 (10A9 Hex)
Silicon Labs 5443 (1543 Hex)
Silicon Motion, Inc. 4719 (126F Hex)
Silicon Software GmbH 6888 (1AE8 Hex)
SimpliVity 7088 (1BB0 Hex)
SK Hynix 7260 (1C5C Hex)
Skyport Systems, Inc 7581 (1D9D Hex)
SLAC National Accelerator Lab PPA-REG 6730 (1A4A Hex)
SMART Modular Technologies 4661 (1235 Hex)
SmartDV North America, LLC 7391 (1CDF Hex)
Socionext Inc. 20673 (50C1 Hex)
Sodick America Corporation 33570 (8322 Hex)
Softing AG 5280 (14A0 Hex)
Solarflare Communications, Inc. 6436 (1924 Hex)
Solid State System 7454 (1D1E Hex)
Soliton Systems K.K. 6065 (17B1 Hex)
Sonifex Ltd 7113 (1BC9 Hex)
Sony Corporation 4173 (104D Hex)
SP Devices 6967 (1B37 Hex)
Space Exploration Technologies 7096 (1BB8 Hex)
SparkLAN Communications, Inc. 7596 (1DAC Hex)
Spectrum GmbH 6385 (18F1 Hex)
Spirent Communications 5962 (174A Hex)
Spreadtrum Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 7603 (1DB3 Hex)
SRISA 6430 (191E Hex)
Star Bridge, Inc. 6794 (1A8A Hex)
Star Communications, Inc. 7114 (1BCA Hex)
STAR Electronics GmbH & Co. KG 6516 (1974 Hex)
Star-Dundee Ltd. 7006 (1B5E Hex) Ltd. 6981 (1B45 Hex)
STMicroelectronics International NV 4170 (104A Hex)
StorArt Technology Co., Ltd 7523 (1D63 Hex)
Stratus Technologies, Inc. 5532 (159C Hex)
Subspace Dynamics LLC 7415 (1CF7 Hex)
Subspace Dynamics, LLC 7415 (1CF7 Hex)
Sunix Co., Ltd. 8148 (1FD4 Hex)
Super Micro Computer Inc. 5593 (15D9 Hex)
Supermicro Computer Inc. 5593 (15D9 Hex)
Symantec (Canada) Corp. 5600 (15E0 Hex)
Sync-n-Scale, LLC 7329 (1CA1 Hex)
Synopsys, Inc. 5827 (16C3 Hex)
SYSTEC Corporation 6219 (184B Hex)
T-Systems International GmbH 7040 (1B80 Hex)
T.P.A. s.p.a. 7159 (1BF7 Hex)
Taiwan Commate Computer 6674 (1A12 Hex)
Taiwan Pulse Motion Co., Ltd. 7403 (1CEB Hex)
TDK Corporation 4783 (12AF Hex)
TE Connectivity 5395 (1513 Hex)
Tech S.A.T. GmbH 6815 (1A9F Hex)
Tech Source Inc. 4647 (1227 Hex)
Techman Electronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd. 7488 (1D40 Hex)
Technobox, Inc. 7521 (1D61 Hex)
Techway 7246 (1C4E Hex)
Teko Telecom S.r.l. a Socio Unico 7585 (1DA1 Hex)
Tektronix 4712 (1268 Hex)
Telechips Inc. 7560 (1D88 Hex)
Teledyne Dalsa 4588 (11EC Hex)
Teledyne LeCroy 5488 (1570 Hex)
Telesoft Technologies Ltd. 5093 (13E5 Hex)
Telit Communications SPA 7261 (1C5D Hex)
Teradici Corporation 25929 (6549 Hex)
Teradyne, Inc. 4886 (1316 Hex)
Test Evolution, Inc. 7025 (1B71 Hex)
TEWS Technologies GmbH 5272 (1498 Hex)
Texas Instruments 4172 (104C Hex)
Thales 4713 (1269 Hex)
The FreeBSD Foundation 7125 (1BD5 Hex)
Themis Computer, Inc. 7034 (1B7A Hex)
Thine Electronics, Inc. 4456 (1168 Hex)
TITAN Electronics Inc. 5330 (14D2 Hex)
TokushuDenshiKairo Inc. 7112 (1BC8 Hex)
Tokyo Electron Device Ltd. 5753 (1679 Hex)
TOKYO KEIKI INC. 5003 (138B Hex)
Top Victory Investments Limited 7493 (1D45 Hex)